What An Idiot: Breaking Bad

  • A mysterious drug dealer named Heisenberg begins selling the purest meth ever cooked. You are Hank Schrader. You are the DEA agent in charge of catching the guy. Your brother-in-law is Walter White. He happens to be a brilliant chemist who works as a high school teacher despite being a genius and suffers from terminal lung cancer (and is very likely dying). Meanwhile, some chemistry equipment from aforementioned school is stolen and being used to cook meth.
    You'd Then Expect: Hank to connect the dots and realize Walt is probably the only person to fit Heisenberg's profile perfectly.
    Instead: Hank never suspects a thing... until Walt's own what an idiot moment.
  • In "Peekaboo", Walter wants Jesse to recover $1000 of meth from a pair of addicts who stole it from one of Jesse's distributors, preferably without violence.
    You'd Expect: He'd tell Jesse this explicitly, or come up with a plan for getting it back.
    Instead: He tells Jesse to take care of business and to bring a gun.
  • About halfway through "Peekaboo", Jesse finds the addicts, pulls a gun on them and coerces them into handing over what they stole.
    You'd Then Expect: He'd keep them at a safe distance using the gun, or just shoot them on the spot so they couldn't identify him to the police
    Instead: He plays peekaboo with their son after they fall asleep.
  • In "Better Call Saul", Badger realizes he's being set up as part of a drug sting when he notices what clearly look like surveillance vans parked nearby.
    You'd Expect: He'd walk away and go back later for the drugs.
    Instead: He falls for the old "undercover cops can't deny that they are cops when asked directly" urban legend, goes through with the deal, and is promptly busted by the undercover cop.
  • In the Season 3 finale, Walt has Jesse kill Gale.
    You'd Expect: He'd destroy any evidence that he knew Gale.
    Instead: He keeps a book from Gale, with a note from the guy, in his bedroom where anyone could find it.
  • In early season 4, Hank is at a dinner party with the Whites when he announces that "Heisenberg" has been found dead and was actually Gale Boetticher.
    You'd Expect: Walt would congratulate his brother-in-law for nailing a dangerous criminal, or at least keep quiet.
    Instead: He derides Gale as an amateur who couldn't possibly have been smart enough to be Heisenberg.
  • Ted has been cooking his accounting firm's books with Skyler's help since Season 2, and the IRS begins to investigate them in late season 4 for embezzlement.
    You'd Expect: He and Skyler would get their stories straight, and maybe even hire an attorney.
    Instead: He doesn't tell Skyler about the indictment until the day before he meets with the IRS.
  • After Skyler helps him avoid criminal charges, Ted still owes the back taxes, when he receives, from Saul, an inheritance check for the exact amount he owes from a relative he didn't know he had.
    You'd Then Expect: He'd use the check to pay the IRS because that was obviously the intent of whoever sent it.
    Instead: He buys a Mercedes, figuring he'll eventually get a better offer.