Wham Episode / House of Anubis

Series/House of Anubis has many examples of Wham episodes, considering the show's drama and mystery theme. This page is just the first two seasons...

Season 1
  • House of Confrontation / House of Alarms- Rufus introduces himself to Patricia as a private investigator and wants to help find Joy, and find out that Victor killed Sarah's parents!
  • House of Identity / House of Emergency- Alfie drinks the fake elixir and nearly dies, Nina quit Sibuna.
  • House of Drama / House of Codes- Joy was in the audience of the play! And so was Rufus!
  • House of Hazard / House of Charades- Rufus kidnapped Patricia!
  • House of Rendezvous / House of Rescue- Joy appeared to talk on a webcam, the teachers were revealed to be trustworthy.
  • House of Yesterday / House of Victory- Sarah died.
  • House of Bribes / House of Venom - Joy is the chosen one
  • House of Stars / House of Harsh- Jerome joins forces with Rufus
  • House of Hush/House of Spies/ House of Sting/ House of Never/ House of Forever- More about the cup and the chosen one were revealed, The chosen date was discovered, Rufus trapped the students in the school, Jerome attacked Rufus with his own sand flies, Nina is the real chosen one, the cup was built, Fabian switched the elixirs, and Nina and Fabian kissed.

Season 2
  • House of Myths / House of Nightmares- Nina was cursed.
  • House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak- Fabian and Nina break up.
  • House of Who? / House of Frauds- Eddie is introduced.
  • House of Hoods / House of Deceit- Fabian accidentally kisses Joy, Nina almost falls down the chasm.
  • House of Sibuna / House of Payback- Jerome discovers that his father is in Jail and goes to meet him, Sibuna reunites.
  • House of Pendulums / House of Impasse- The rest of Sibuna gets cursed, Victor discovered the tunnels.
  • House of Fronts / House of Keepers- Victor and Vera steal the extra amulet and replace it with a fake one, Patricia loses her amulet.
  • House of Envy / House of Names- Mara learns that Vera's resume is all lies.
  • House of Evidence / House of Genius- Eddie convinces Mara to put the article about Vera on the school website.
  • House of Accusations / House of Hasty- Mara is put on trial and expelled for the article, Victor finishes the chemical task.
  • House of Sorry / House of Hex- [[Nina's Gran falls ill, Eddie is Mr.Sweet's son, Senkhara makes Nina hex the rest of Sibuna, Mrs.Andrew quits.]]
  • House of Status / House of Laments- Vera and Victor plan to steal the Ox Bell from the library exhibit and frame Sibuna while Fabian overhears.
  • House of Heists / House of Alibis- Fabian is framed for the theft of the Ox Bell, Alfie turns into a baby while Amber becomes old.
  • House of Oblivion / House of Snoops- Patricia's twin sister, Piper, comes to the school. Trudy investigates Vera but gets trapped.
  • House of Reflections / House of Stooges- Trudy is kidnapped by the collector, Jasper steals Jerome's gem.
  • House of Zodiacs / House of Reckoning- Jerome spies on Jasper and learns he's an agent of the Collector, Mara and Jerome un-codes a letter from Trudy saying HELP ME.
  • House of Trades / House of Magic- Jerome agrees to work for Jasper to try and get the gem and Trudy back, Alfie destroys Victor's amulet.
  • House of Duplicity / House of Hauntings- Mara and Eddie go on a ghost hunt for Senkhara.
  • House of Collections / House of Speculations- Jasper pulls down the Collector's hood, ending the reveal of who he is as the cliffhanger.
  • House of Sabotage / House of Nine Lives- Rufus is the Collector, Fabian convinces Joy not to run the Senkhara story, Amber and Alfie find out that Jerome stole the dollhouse, Victor refuses to listen about Rufus and Vera.
  • House of Freeze / House of Time out- Sibuna goes to rescue Trudy from Rufus with Jerome and Jasper's help, Trudy is knocked unconscious and the dollhouse is destroyed, Vera is cursed by Senkhara, Joy makes a poisonous article on Nina, Nina's Gran is cursed and is the time piece.
  • House of Reflectors / House of Illusions- Sibuna reaches the mask chamber, Rufus threatens Vera.
  • House of Dreams / House of Pitfalls- Fabian accidentally makes Nina fall under the floor during the game of Senet, Trudy is having strange dreams.
  • House of Strategy/ House of Memory Joy is asked to help Sibuna as the strategist, Vera brainwashes Trudy and plans to do the same to the students; the Students play along so Victor can get them across the Senet board to the mask, Victor's ghostly father gives Nina information about being the chosen one and her Osirian, her protector and counterpart.The man who helped brainwash the students was Rufus.
  • House of Pretenders / House of Trouble- Rufus kidnaps Jerome,the Students play along so Victor can get them across the Senet board to the mask.
  • House of Traps / House of Stakes- Joy and Fabian reach the mask but have to make a choice between their friends and the mask and choose their friends; Senkhara threatens to kill Nina and the others.
  • House of Missions / House of Captives / House of Chosen / House of Freedom- Eddie is revealed to be the Osirian, the mask in the tunnels is fake and the real mask is the one that is thought to be a replica, Nina nearly gets taken to the afterlife with Senkhara, Joy almost dies, Rufus and Senkhara get sucked down into the afterlife and Victor finds a tear of gold in his father's ring, what he needs to make the elixir of life.