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* In the first season, Willow and Xander find out about the supernatural. Obviously, nothing will ever be the same again.
* Angel's eponymous episode in season 1, and TheReveal of his vampire nature.
* In the second season, when [[spoiler:Angelus kills Jenny Calendar]].
* At the end of season three, Angel leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles.
* The first episode of season five introduces Dawn as if she had always existed.
* Season 5 has [[AnyoneCanDie "The Body."]] Probably one of the biggest wham episodes of the show.
* Season 6 has the episode where [[spoiler:Tara is murdered by Warren in the closing seconds, setting up the Dark Willow arc that completes the season.]]
* In season seven, Willow alters the magic of The Chosen One, such that it applies to all possible (i.e. "unactivated" as well as "activated") vampire slayers in existence.

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