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Another Creator/RickUngar creation. This time the story of Franchise/{{Zorro}} is updated to 2015, and the latest descendant of the De La Vega line (also called Diego) is a 17 year old teenager who takes up the mantle of Zorro with help from his mute friend Bernardo. To replace the famous Tornado we now have a CoolBike called Tornado Z that helps transport Diego to fight against the corrupt mayor of the town.

%%* ActionGirl: Scarlet Whip.
%%* AscendedFanboy: In a flashback to one of Diego's birthday parties both Diego and Maria are thrilled when Diego's grandfather shows up in his Zorro costume. Diego grows up to become the next Zorro, of course, and Maria's Scarlet Whip is basically Zorro's DistaffCounterpart. [[FridgeBrilliance Which may explain why Maria/Scarlet Whip was initially hostile to Diego when she first met the new Zorro, she saw him as a poser that couldn't live up to the legend of The Fox]].
%%* BadassBiker: Zorro.
* BeneathTheEarth: One episode has "The Subway People," a civilization that inexplicably lives below Pueblo Grande.
* BrokeEpisode: There was an episode where Diego's dad decides to make him learn the value of a dollar and cuts him off from his trust fund, right when he needs a lot of money to rebuild his totaled bike, forcing him to try and get a job to get the money. Bernardo ends up paying for the damages himself.
%%* ButNotTooForeign
* CaptainErsatz: Don Payaso is basically ComicBook/TheJoker, even down to wearing a purple tuxedo.
** Scarlet Whip for comic character ComicBook/LadyRawhide.
%%* CoolBike: Tornado Z.
%%* CoolCar: Scarlet Whip's sweet ride.
%%* CuteMute: Bernardo.
* DaddysLittleVillain: ''Mostly'' subverted with Maria. She fights the criminals working for her dad but when the opportunity arises to expose ''him'' as a criminal, she can't go through with it.
* FamilyFriendlyFirearms: The future looks a lot like the present if you don't count weaponry. Guns strongly resemble the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' early "dustbuster" incarnation of phasers.
* FourIsDeath: Unintentional Western example. The show's most formidable villains are the appropriately-named Fearsome Four. When they revolt against Mayor Martinez he's terrified for his life even though he's the head of both all law enforcement '''and''' all organized crime in the city. Luckily for him and Zorro they only show up twice.
%%* GadgeteerGenius: Also Bernardo.
%%* GratuitousSpanish: JustifiedTrope, though, as the main cast are all depicted as being of Hispanic descent and Pueblo Grande is most likely in southern California.
%%* HollywoodHacking: Constantly.
%%* HeroesWantRedHeads: The dynamic between Zorro and Scarlet Whip.
%%* HumongousMecha: In "The Wounded Fox."
* LaserBlade: Everyone has laser swords, and a lot of people have laser whips.
* LeftHanging: [[spoiler: The show ends with Mayor Martinez losing his reelection campaign... to an even bigger crook.]] The intro to a second season was released, but the season itself never followed. [[spoiler: Strangely the season 2 intro makes it look like Mayor Martinez still would've been the main villain.]]
* LegacyCharacter: There have been many Zorro's over the years. Diego is just the most recent.
** Making it kind of weird is that (in the English version at least) they always gave the role of previous Zorros to the same guy who voiced the mayor, that is the BigBad.
%%* LivingWithTheVillain: Maria.
%%* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Diego's father Don Alejandro.
%%* MagicalRealism: Most of the show is fairly sci-fi due to its TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture setting, however, Diego sometimes receives dreams where his grandfather acts as a Spirit Advisor and one episode had him pep-talked by a young Native American girl [[spoiler: that he found out was his deceased grandmother]]. The episode "A Z In Time" had Diego travel back in time and team up with the original Zorro after taking a bad fall... somehow, and the ending [[spoiler: confirms it wasn't AllJustADream and was a StableTimeLoop]].
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Is the golden feather given to the Dela Vega family really lucky? Zorro does have some bad luck once the feather is taken from him. At the end of the episode, [[spoiler: it's revealed the real feather was never stolen in the first place]], so...
* MorphWeapon: Zorro's single weapon can rearrange into several modes: LaserBlade, [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Darth Maul]]-esque laser ''staff,'' laser whip, and a standard laser blaster.
* MyHorseIsAMotorbike: Tornado Z is a CoolBike, replacing the original Zorro's CoolHorse Tornado.
* MutualMasquerade: Diego and Maria have no idea of each others' secret identities, [[spoiler:until the last episode.]]
* MythologyGag: Originally Maria's costumed identity was going to be the Black Whip, probably based on the movie ''Zorro's Black Whip'', actually about a masked heroine. Presumably this was changed to make her more distinct from the black-clad Zorro. It's also a reference to ComicBook/LadyRawhide, a popular "Bad Girl" spin-off of the '90s Zorro comics who wore red and used a whip.
* NeverSayDie: Averted in ''the theme song.'' The show still uses euphemisms for the most part.
* PaperThinDisguise: Scarlet Whip's method of distinguishing herself from her civilian identity... she puts on red shades and wears a red trenchcoat. That's it.
** They never mention this but if you look close her hair is pinker in costume, implying she also wears a wig.
* {{Recycled IN SPACE}}: Zorro [-IN THE FUTURE!-]
%%* RealityEnsues: Being athletic teens with cool technology but with no actual crime-fighting experience means Diego and Maria's first outing as costumed heroes isn't exactly smooth; Diego is trapped by the Mayor and needs Scarlet Whip's help to escape and their constant arguing is a sharp contrast to their teamwork in later episodes. Reality swings in the other way, though, as they do get better and become very competent superheroes with experience.
* RichIdiotWithNoDayJob: Diego would do [[Batman Bruce Wayne]] proud with his take on this, presenting himself as a handsome and rich college student that would race than do anything important. Averted with Maria who is a diligent student and socially conscious and is above suspicion mainly because she is the mayor's daughter.
* ShoutOut / {{Expy}}: Scarlet Whip to ComicBook/LadyRawhide
%%* SlapSlapKiss: Diego and Maria.
* TheSpeechless: Bernardo is a mute.
* TalkingIsAFreeAction: Hilariously subverted in the pilot, where Zorro and Scarlet Whip have a spitting contest over who's a better hero, and the bad guys [[http://spectrumofmadness.blogspot.com/2010/11/zorro-generation-z-new-generation-part.html take advantage of their distraction to shoot Scarlet Whip off a roof]].
%%* TotallyRadical
%%* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: The series was originally aired in 2006 while it's setting is 2015, nine years apart.
* TheVoiceless: Some actually assumed Bernardo [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Morn]]-esquely never quite got the opportunity to get a word in while on screen, before it was made clear he couldn't speak.
* WhipItGood: The Scarlet Whip wields twin laser whips.
* WhipSword: the Scarlet Whip wields twin laser whips; {{Laser Blade}}s with the reach and flexibility of a whip.
%%* XtremeKoolLetterz
* ZorroMark: Naturally. Into the seat of an enemy's pants, usually.