Western Animation / Yogi's Space Race

Yogi's Space Race was a Saturday Morning Cartoon produced in 1978 by Hanna-Barbera for NBC. It was essentially an update of the same studio's Wacky Races, with Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Jabberjaw among the competitors.

The show had three supporting segments: Galaxy Goof-Ups, The Buford Files and The Galloping Ghost. The latter two were later combined into one half-hour show.

This cartoon provides examples of:

The Galaxy Goof-Ups segment provides examples of:

  • Disney Acid Sequence: The infamous disco freak-out numbers.
  • Five-Finger Discount: The richest man in galaxy tells his son he's the richest one for never buying anything he wants.
  • It Must Be Mine!: In "Space Station USA", once the titular station is found, the richest man in galaxy wants to add it to his space station collection and has no moral objections against stealing it.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: The only person helping the richest man in galaxy to do dirty work is his son, who'd rather suggest him to merely buy the abandoned space station he wants (a suggestion he rejects because the Galaxy Museum would never sell it and he'd rather not have to buy anyway) or give up on collecting space stations and start a stamp collection.
  • Mistaken for an Imposter: A villain wants to capture the Goof-Ups for his private zoo and lures them into a trap. Captain Snerdley tries to warn them but they won't listen because they think he's an imposter.