Western Animation / Toonimals!

Toonimals! is a 2000 animated television series produced by BRB International, which taught about a different animal (in the style of a wacky comedy) per episode. Occasionally, the episode became too wacky, even for the characters, and animals dressed as cameramen or other members of the production crew would be called upon to restore order, sometimes without success.

The show's "actual" premise, as stated in the intro sequence, is that animals are tired of humans having all the fun in front of the cameras while they stay in the background during their documentaries, so they decided to make a show of their own.

Each episode included a small (so called) "interactive question" which was presented at some random point in the episode. The question would be followed by three options, usually three numbers. Upon naming each option, an ant would come on screen holding up with its frontmost legs a sign with a lowercase A, B, or C. During the credits, the question would be re-stated (with the ants coming out again, this time forming an ant pyramid) and the answer revealed. At this point, the pyramid would collapse and the ants would basically fall off screen.

All the animals were drawn anthropomorphisized for the episode, but this usually was only limited to drawing them so that they could walk upright, since nearly none of the distinguishing zoological characteristics of the animal were lost in the drawing.