Western Animation: The Wuzzles

"Ooh, they got o-ri-gi-nality!/Living with a split... personality!"
opening theme song

The Wuzzles was the first Disney original animated series. It debuted in 1985, and aired on broadcast television as a Saturday Morning Cartoon. It is also their shortest running series of The Eighties, at 13 episodes, though it went into reruns for quite a while.

Like many other shows of the 1980s, it had a plush line (which it may have been was designed to sell) and each stuffed animal character came with a picture book that helped set up the world of the series.

It was a fun little cartoon and toy line that followed the great tradition of 80ís cartoons and toys: It was colorful, had kind of a sci-fi/fantasy theme, and made you wonder what kinds of medication the people who came up with it were taking at the time.

All of the main characters were Mix-and-Match Critters:
  • Bumblelion (bumblebee/lion)
  • Hoppopotamus (hippo/rabbit)
  • Eleroo (elephant/kangaroo)
  • Butterbear (butterfly/bear)
  • Moosel (moose/seal)
  • Rhinokey (rhino/monkey)
  • Tycoon (tiger/raccoon... but really, part raccoon with tiger stripes, part Donald Trump)
  • Crock (crocodile/bear or crocodile/tyrannosaurus... maybe? [see below])
  • Brat (boar/rat... but more honestly Taz/Enough features from other random animals that he isn't a total copyright infringement)
  • Flizard (frog/lizard... with a few monkey parts?)

The plush line actually outlived the cartoon, and involved several more characters who never got a chance to appear in the cartoon. Additionally, a few episodes of the television show were given theatrical runs in Europe, acting as animated shorts before Disney films.

This show has examples of: