Western Animation: The Trap Door

The Trap Door was a British Claymation show that first aired in 1984. The show was set in a Haunted Castle owned by an unseen creature known only as 'The Thing Upstairs'. The main character was this creature's servant, a blue blob named Berk, who lived in the castle's lower floors and did his master's bidding, such as tidying up and cooking his various disgusting meals. Living with Berk is his pet spider-like bug named Drutt, and a snarky talking skull named Boni who is constantly annoyed, mostly due to being unable to move on his own power.

The titular trapdoor is a big wooden trap door in the castle's lower floors leading to a massive underground cave system full of monsters. At least once an episode the trap door would open up and release a monster for Berk and his friends to deal with as it causes chaos around the castle. Typically they manage to get rid of the monster by the end of the episode, but they have befriended one, a big dim-witted red monster named Rogg, who regularly pops out of the trap door to visit.

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