[[caption-width-right:170:Looks like it's Santa who'd "better watch out", doesn't it?]]

''The Town Santa Forgot'' is an Emmy-nominated ChristmasSpecial that started off as a poem written by Charmaine Severson, titled ''Jeremy Creek''. The AnimatedAdaptation was produced by Creator/HannaBarbera and originally aired December 3, 1993, on Creator/{{NBC}}. Narrated by Creator/DickVanDyke, it has since been made available on [=VHS=] and been shown annually in Creator/CartoonNetwork (before its NetworkDecay) and {{Boomerang}}'s Christmas marathons.

The main character (and titular character of the original poem) is a SpoiledBrat by the name of Jeremy Creek, who always wants every toy he sees and is prone to throwing tantrums if he doesn't get it. Eventually, his parents get sick of it and tell him they're not buying him any more toys. Jeremy then writes a mile-length letter to SantaClaus, in which he lists every toy he can think of, and mails it in the middle of June. When Christmas Eve arrives, he goes up on his family's roof to watch for Santa, but to his dismay, the big guy passes him by without delivering anything.

What Jeremy doesn't realize, though, is that when Santa received his letter, he assumed that, since no kid could possibly want so much stuff, that Jeremy Creek was in fact the name of a place. And it ''was'' - to be more exact, it was the name of a swamp town that Santa had never before visited (hence the title). Thus, he had in fact brought the toys Jeremy wanted to the kids who live in the swamp town. When Jeremy finds out about this through a TV report on Christmas Day, he is at first outraged by this. But upon hearing how much the kids of the swamp town are willing to thank whoever wrote to Santa about them, it [[DefrostingIceQueen makes him feel better than any gift ever could]]. Following this CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, the now-nicer Jeremy shares his toys with the rest of the kids in his neighborhood and even joins Santa on his annual gift-giving journey every year ([[GrowingUpSucks until he eventually outgrows his seat in the sleigh]]).
!!Tropes present:
* AmbiguouslyBrown: The little girl the reporter talks to.
* AnAesop: It's better to give than to receive.
* [[AndThatLittleGirlWasMe ...And That Little Boy Was Me]][=/=]NarratorAllAlong: [[spoiler: An older Jeremy is the narrator of the story.]]
* {{Balloonacy}}: One of the toys Jeremy asks for is "a balloon with a chair that can rise in the air"
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:Santa reveals to Jeremy that he knew all along that he was the one that sent the letter and that he went to that city on purpose to teach him a lesson.]]
* BigNo: Jeremy after his mother tells him Santa skipped their house.
* ChristmasElves
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice Prince]]: Jeremy
* DishDash
* GoodCannotComprehendEvil: Santa assumes the name Jeremy Creek must refer to a place because certainly no kid could be that greedy.
* {{Greed}}: Jeremy's character flaw, naturally. The kid practically had a store's worth of toys, and he still wasn't satisfied.
* NamesTheSame: InUniverse: Why Santa mistook Jeremy Creek for a place.
* RhymesOnADime
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: From any other Creator/HannaBarbera TV special.
* SpoiledBrat: Jeremy at first. He [[CharacterDevelopment does get much better by the end.]]
* StreetUrchin: A whole town full of them.
* WholeEpisodeFlashback: The animated version of the story is shown as a story that an old man is telling his grandkids. [[spoiler:It's revealed at the end that the grandfather is, in fact, Jeremy Creek himself.]]