Western Animation: The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

aka: Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries

The chase goes on with each new mission
With backdrops aplenty, globally
And through it all they're in contention

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries was the second original television series of the 1990s to be spun off from the Looney Tunes shorts (the first being Taz-Mania). It ran on Kids' WB! from 1995 through 2001.

The series centers on the adventures of Looney Tunes stars Sylvester, Tweety, and Hector the bulldog, and their owner Granny. Each episode, they are on vacation or called to some location where they have to solve a mystery going on, hence the series' title. Each episode starts with someone calling "the greatest detective in the world" to solve a case. Said detective is always unavailable, so they give up and settle for Granny. She takes her three pets with her wherever she goes, unaware of their endless conflict.

Actually, Granny does most of the detective work, but her pets do provide help from time to time. Of course, during all this, Sylvester is always trying to eat Tweety, but Hector, taking the role of the bird's bodyguard, is always making sure he doesn't.

Many of the supporting characters had guest appearances and cameos as the episodes went on. Cool Cat, a character in the later theatrical cartoons, appeared in just about every episode as a cameo.

Tropes present:

  • Abdicate the Throne: Some lions wanted to depose their King because their food reserves (read: game) were running low. The King wouldn't mind abdicating except that it wasn't allowed. He had to die before a new King rose. He instead tricked Sylvester into switching places with him. (Which was posible thanks to Paper-Thin Disguise) The food was eventually found inside the cave of a lion who planned to usurp the throne but decided the current King wasn't all that bad when compared to Sylvester.
  • Affectionate Parody: "A Ticket To Crime" is one to Murder by Death.
  • Ancient Artifact: In Good Bird Hunting, Sylvester finds an ancient relic that lets him grow taller and muscular to fend off Pete Puma from eating Tweety with mixed results. Granny ends up taking the artifact away.
  • All Just a Dream: The final episode when it seems that Sylvester finally ate that darn canary.
  • Artistic License Animal Care: Granny is the worse pet owner of all time. Some episodes has Sylvester, Hector, Tweety or any combination of the three being pet-napped, and she barely even notices. And when she does notice, it's mostly Tweety she cares about. Never mind that fact that she never notices Sylvester being horribly injured, even by the other two.
  • Butt Monkey: Sylvester, but he tends to bring it upon himself.
  • The Cameo: Like most Looney Tunes shows, several other classic (usually somewhat obscure) characters would appear in certain episodes at times. Sometimes they'd even be central to the plot.
    • Cool Cat appears in almost every episode, though usually as background image rather than a character.
  • Cassandra Truth: Oftentimes Granny and her pets traveled to spooky places like a mummy's tomb or a haunted house, and Sylvester would be the only one who saw the danger they were in. Naturally no one believed him.
  • Cats Are Mean: Sylvester, par for the course.
  • Chew Toy: Even when Hector isn't beating him senseless, even the universe itself likes to make sure Sylvester gets hurt as often as possible. Not that he doesn't deserve it.
  • Christmas Episode: "It Happened One Night Before Christmas" in season 1 and "Feather Christmas" in season 4.
  • Clueless Mystery: Often the writers didn't play fair and Granny would solve the mystery with clues that the viewers couldn't see until The Unmasking.
  • Cold Opening: A Running Gag concerned victims phoning the top detective to solve their cases, but the top detective is unavailable for whatever reason, so they relay the client to Granny instead.
  • Cool Old Lady: Granny, as always, is one of the coolest.
  • Detective Animal: A mostly-accidental version. The bickering among Sylvester, Tweety and often Hector causes clues to appear in front of Granny, who then solves the mysteries herself.
  • Detectives Follow Footprints: The intro animation is all about this.
  • Engineered Public Confession: Tweety engineers one in "Double Take", hovering over the bad guy's head with a microphone as he blabs his plane to Sylvester.
  • Episode Title Card
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: It's a show staring Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird. They solve mysteries.
  • Expository Theme Tune
  • Failure Is the Only Option: The last episode has Sylvester actually eat Tweety, which results in the show being cancelled.
    • Heck forget being cancelled. Theres a whole fallout that reached world crisis levels just because Tweety was gone. Good thing it was just a dream of Sylvester's
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The first episode takes place in New Orleans. About halfway through, Granny returns from a date with a gentlemen she met on a riverboat and starts hanging bead necklaces on her pets, offhandedly commenting "You would not believe what I had to do to get these!"note 
  • I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You: Pepe Le Pew stole all the perfume of Paris and replaced it with his own smell. When caught, he said he'd not reveal it's hidden at the old chocolate factory.
  • In the Blood: One episode features a distant cousin of Pepe Le Pew. That cousin behaves like Pepe and has a car that hops around the same way Pepe does while chasing female skunks or whatever Pepe and his cousin mistake for them. Pepe's cousin even mentioned the kinship to explain the behavior similarity.
  • June Foray: Still the voice of Granny.
  • Little Old Lady Investigates
  • Nixon Mask: One episode features a villain impersonating the ghost of William Howard Taft to scare the President away. After being unmasked, he says that he chose President Taft because, as the largest President in history, he'd make an impressive ghost and the costume shop was out of Nixon masks.
  • Pet the Dog: Or Canary in this case in the final episode.
  • A Pirate 400 Years Too Late: "You're Thor?" had Vikings a thousand years too late.
  • Private Eye Monologue: Sylvester
  • Shout-Out: To Batman in one episode. "Get Commissioner Gordon on the phone, I think we've found the Batcave!"
  • Spiritual Successor: The Direct-to-Video movie Tweety's High-Flying Adventure.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Most of the crimes are committed via classic Looney Tunes slapstick or in some otherwise bizarre and outlandish manner. Some of them are still perceived as accidents at first, even when they happen right in front of Granny herself.
  • Vertigo Effect: Parodied in one episode.
  • With Friends Like These...: Sylvester, Tweety, Hector and Granny are a team of crime-solving supersleuths (though Granny does most of the work). This does little to stop Sylvester from trying to eat Tweety all the time, or Hector from beating on Sylvester constantly whether or not he's actually tried to eat Tweety recently.
  • X Meets Y: It's Looney Tunes meets Detective Conan as both this show and Detective Conan are done by TMS Entertainment.

Alternative Title(s):

Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries, The Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries