Creator/HannaBarbera produced this early 1980s AnimatedAnthology for Creator/{{CBS}}, headlined by one of the last characters Creator/TexAvery created. Kwicky Koala, voiced by H-B writer Bob Ogle, was a gentle and elusive marsupial, constantly pursued by the perpetually starving Wilford Wolf.

Supporting segments featured the Bungle Brothers, a canine duo who sought vaudeville stardom; Crazy Claws, a witty wildcat who lived in a national park and was hunted by the fur trapper Rawhide Clyde, and Dirty Dawg, a canine vagrant who, with his rodent sidekick Ratso, sought "the pot of stew at the end of the rainbow".
!!This series provides examples of:

* AlliterativeName: Most of the main cast (including the Bungle Brothers).
* {{Expy}}: This show being one of Tex Avery's last works it is rather easy to tell a lot of the characters are inspired by the MGM characters Avery, Barbera and Hanna used to work on.
** Wilford Wolf is clearly a relative of Mildew Wolf from "[[WesternAnimation/TheCattanoogaCats It's the Wolf]]", complete with his voice actor doing a Paul Lynde impression.
** The voice actor is Creator/JohnStephenson, who voiced Mildew on ''WesternAnimation/LaffALympics''.
* FlashStep: How Kwicky often escapes from danger, accompanied by a beep sound effect.
* {{Funny Animal}}s
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Voice caricatures included [[Creator/MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]] and Howard Cosell.
* ObfuscatingStupidity[=/=]UnknownRival: Kwicky often goes through Wilford's traps, seemingly having no idea that he was in a trap in the first place... except for those moments where he [Kwicky] seems to know but acts like he doesn't to make it easier to trick Wilford. The ambiguity is never resolved.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Kwicky Koala himself
* SpeciesSurname: The only exception appears to be Crazy Claws.[[note]]Dirty Dawg may possibly fall under XtremeKoolLetterz, while [[OnlyOneName Ratso]] may or may not be a surname.[[/note]]
* ThreeShorts