Creator/HannaBarbera produced this early 1980s AnimatedAnthology for Creator/{{CBS}}, headlined by one of the last characters Creator/TexAvery created. Kwicky Koala, voiced by H-B writer Bob Ogle, was a gentle and elusive marsupial, constantly pursued by the perpetually starving Wilford Wolf.

Supporting segments featured the ''WesternAnimation/BungleBrothers'', a canine duo who sought vaudeville stardom; ''WesternAnimation/CrazyClaws'', a witty wildcat who lived in a national park and was hunted by the fur trapper Rawhide Clyde, and ''WesternAnimation/DirtyDawg'', a canine vagrant who, with his rodent sidekick Ratso, sought "the pot of stew at the end of the rainbow".
!!This series provides examples of:

* AccessoryWearingCartoonAnimal: Kwicky only wears neck wear.
* AgelessBirthdayEpisode: "Around the World in 80 Seconds" is one with Wilford Wolf celebrating his own birthday trying to catch Kwicky for himself.
* AlliterativeName: Kwicky Koala and Wilford Wolf.
* AwkwardFatherSonBondingActivity: This principle is in effect except it's Uncle and Nephew in "Double Trouble". Ruffy wants to be friends with Kwicky, while Wilford wants to teach him to hunt him.
* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: At the End of "Kwicky's Karnival Kaper" Wilford sits up in space on a small piece of space rock and tries to bum a ride from a ufo with no need of oxygen.
* FlashStep: How Kwicky often escapes from danger, accompanied by a beep sound effect.
* FracturedFairyTale: "In A Pig's Eye" is a very loose example. Wilford wants to eat the three little pigs but Kwicky lives in their house now. But they do show up at the very end.
* FunnyAnimal: Kwicky and Wilford are both ones.
* ObfuscatingStupidity[=/=]UnknownRival: Kwicky often goes through Wilford's traps, seemingly having no idea that he was in a trap in the first place... except for those moments where he [Kwicky] seems to know but acts like he doesn't to make it easier to trick Wilford. The ambiguity is never resolved.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Kwicky Koala himself
* SpeciesSurname: Both Kwicky Koala and Wilford Wolf.
* TangledFamilyTree: Wilford Wolf meets his nephew Ruffy Wolf.
* ThreeShorts: Kwicky Koala was the A, ''WesternAnimation/CrazyClaws'' the B and ''WesternAnimation/DirtyDawg'' was the C. ''WesternAnimation/BungleBrothers'' bumpers ran before each.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Kwicky and his eucalyptus leaves.
* UnexpectedInheritance: In "Race to Riches", Kwicky receives one from his now deceased Uncle Jeremiah Koala.