No, this isn't a sketch or talk show, despite what the title suggests.

In an AnimatedAdaptation of the MadeForTVMovie ''TheKidWithTheBrokenHalo'', [[Series/DiffrentStrokes Gary Coleman]] stars as an apprentice angel named Andy [=LeBeau=]. OnceAnEpisode, he has to go help one or more unfortunate children on Earth solve their problems. With each mission, though, the {{villain}}ous Hornswoggle would always try to sabotage Andy by tricking him into making the wrong choices, and Andy would have to fix them by the end.

Creator/HannaBarbera produced the show for Creator/{{NBC}}. If this cartoon was ran in first run in 1982 and then it was rerun on Creator/CartoonNetwork, [[HarsherInHindsight it's definitely harder to watch now with the main character]] [[FunnyAneurysmMoment being an angel and Gary Coleman actually having died]].
!!This cartoon provides examples of:
* AnimatedAdaptation: Of a MadeforTVMovie The Kid With The Broken Halo.
* FluffyCloudHeaven: Heaven in this show is exactly this kind.
* InconvenientlyVanishingExoneratingEvidence: Any physical evidence that [=LeBeau=] has of his tempter/tormentor Hornswoggle is doomed. That said, since his supervisor Angie is carrying an IdiotBall the size of creation itself, even HD film might not help.
* LastNameBasis: Boss angel Angelica typically addressed Andy by his surname.
* [[NotSoImaginaryFriend Not So Imaginary Fiend]] : Andy cannot ever convince Angie that Hornswoggle really exists ; she summarily dismisses all talk of him as Andy's excuses. Because, ya know, [[SarcasmMode why would an angel]] believe in something [[IdiotBall as silly as demons and tempters?]] [[CosmicPlaything All evidence Andy obtains is absurdly destroyed]], with one time a mask Hornswoggle had used being eaten by an elephant!
* OurAngelsAreDifferent
* RhymesOnADime: Side character Haggle. Occasionally [[GotMeDoingIt rubbed off on others]] as well:
-->'''Angelica:''' Good show, [=LeBeau=]; now it's time to go.\\
'''Andy:''' You're beginning to sound like Haggle!
* SecretIdentity: None of Andy's friends knows he's an angel.