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Western Animation: The Fight For The Fox Box
The Fox Box lost. It was soon canceled.
The Fight for the Fox Box was a 2003 half-hour-long TV special. At that time, 4Kids Entertainment was running a programming block known as the "Fox Box" (because it was broadcast on the Fox network). It was also an Intercontinuity Crossover.

It's basically one long Enforced Plug for Fox Box shows on at that time. Basically, the story is that a mysterious voice informs the bad guys of five TV shows (Shredder, King Dedede & Escargoon, Dr. Robotnik Eggman, Dial Bolic, and Dr. K) that he has stolen the "Fox Box broadcast codes," and that the network can't go back on the air without the codes. He gives the codes, in pieces, to each of the five villains, and tells them to guard it well. Ace Anderson and Jack Kowalski, the Funky Cops, overhear this tirade on their car's CB radio. The heroes of each TV show also get wind of what's happening, and they set out to take the codes back.

Relying mostly on recycled clips and animation from the TV shows it features, about the only thing new about it is the way the clips are edited together and the audio/dubbing by the original actors. (That is, assuming that it is mostly footage ripped and edited from the TV shows.) There is one scene with less-than-stellar animation where Funky Cops Ace and Jack question Meat on what he knows about the disappeared codes. He then proceeds to fill them in on what's been happening on Ultimate Muscle up to that point.

When the characters of each show re-obtain the code their antagonist is carrying, it is displayed on the screen in some way (mostly for real, but on one occasion a character only says it and the code appears on screen).

The TV special ends with the villains reporting how they failed to keep their code safe. The Voice says "You fools!" and informs them that Donatello has set up a website (now defunct) called, where viewers can enter in the codes to get the network back on the air. During his evil laughter, the sound visualization for his voice fades away to reveal his real identity - Wayne Cramp. The half-hour ends with a non-conclusive ending of him pushing his brother Lucien down the stairs, with an appearance of the show's logo.

Shows included for crossover (alphabetical, not chronological, order) (bold are the main four) include:As such, this half-hour special incorporates many tropes used within those shows.

It has an IMDb page and can now be viewed on YouTube. There's also an article that details a press release by 4Kids that explains other details about the release and broadcast of this special.

One last note: If you'd like to reexperience some of what the original "SaveTheFoxBox" website was like, look here: The five codes are: 9HT6A (from Dr. Eggman), B7Z51 (From King Dedede), MM881 (from Dialbolic), L1415G (from Dr. K), and 5E3KZ (from Shredder). Go wild.

Tropes used in this half-hour special include:

Family Guy Presents: Laugh It Up, FuzzballWestern AnimationA Flintstones Christmas Carol

alternative title(s): The Fight For The Fox Box
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