[[caption-width-right:250:A Hungarian DVD release.]]

''The Bellflower Bunnies'' is a French animated TV series based on the book ''Beechwood Bunny Tales'' by Geneviève Huriet. It first aired on 2001 on the [=TF1=] network. It comprises three seasons, one with four episodes originally made as specials, one with 22 and the last with 26.

The series centers on five bunnies, their father and their aunt.
!!''The Bellflower Bunnies'' exhibits the following tropes:
* BarefootCartoonAnimals: The entire cast.
* TheMovingExperience: From the point of the moving party, in the first special.
* FiveManBand: The series mainly focuses on five bunnies, though not all of them fills in a role,some may even take up more than one role.
*** TheSmartGuy: Poppy
*** TheChick: Violette