''Symphony Hour'' is a [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation 1942]] Disney/MickeyMouse short. In premise, it is similar to ''Disney/TheBandConcert'', although things take a much different turn for the worse.

Mickey stars as the conductor of an orchestra sponsored by "Sylvester Macaroni" (played by Disney/{{Pete}}). Macaroni loves the orchestra's rehearsal of von Suppe's "Light Cavalry Overture", but after the instruments and WesternAnimation/{{Goofy}} have an encounter with an elevator, the live performance quickly becomes an unmitigated disaster.
!! Tropes present in this short include:
* BatmanGrabsAGun: Or rather, ''Mickey'' grabs a gun.
* BeyondTheImpossible: In RealLife, the instruments being as badly damaged as they were would not be able to play anything, let alone StylisticSuck and a BrownNote. Yet the orchestra manages to play their instruments and keep in relative intonation, with a few key signature and rhythm changes.
** Special notice to Clarabelle Cow, who managed to pluck out her violin solo with two strings after her fiddle got ''squashed flat''.
* BrownNote: Dear lord, the entire performance compared with how the song actually sounds.
* ChewingTheScenery: Quite literally as "Sylvester Macaroni" reacts to the horrible performance.
* {{Determinator}}: Mickey. And most of the orchestra, for that matter, since despite their instruments being busted they keep playing.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: Despite their busted instruments, the orchestra manages to put on a passable and entertaining show, [[spoiler: earning many encores from the audience]].
* FurryReminder: Horace Horsecollar briefly laughs at Donald's Asian caricature, sounding like a horse's whinny.
* HeroicRROD: After the concert is done, Mickey collapses on stage, his hands still conducting.
* InelegantBlubbering: Macaroni is in tears at the end of the disastrous performance, convinced his reputation is shot. [[spoiler: He cheers up immediately when he hears the audience shouting for more.]]
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Sure, Goofy wrecks the instruments, [[spoiler: but the audience loves it anyway.]]
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: The infamous moment in the short where Mickey, in a desperate effort to keep Donald from walking out on the concert, blocks his path and ''holds him at gunpoint''.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Donald attempts this after everything goes wrong, but Mickey forces him at gunpoint to keep playing.
* StopOrIWillShoot: In one of the funnier moments of the short, Mickey stops Donald from leaving by pulling a gun on him.
* TheShowMustGoOn[=/=]TheShowMustGoWrong: Despite his orchestra having to play with damaged instruments, Mickey is one determined conductor.
* StylisticSuck: How the music sounds after the instrument is busted. With that said, the orchestra keeps in tune relatively well.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Clara Cluck was only around for the rehearsal, she wasn't seen at all at the live performance.
* YouLookFamiliar: Pete plays Sylvester Macaroni, a music lover and wealthy patron of the arts. The change is noticeable in that Mr. Macaroni is supportive of Mickey's conducting, albeit for money, and at the end [[spoiler: he hugs and kisses Mickey onstage when the audience applauids]]/