[[caption-width-right:350:Stanley Griff and his classmates]]

''Stanley'' (2001-2002) was a show about animals.

[[WebVideo/NostalgiaCritic And that's pretty much what it was about, it was about animals]], not that it didn't try to teach lessons just like many other shows of this type.


Its main character was a first grader named [[CaptainObvious Stanley]]. His pets are a goldfish named Dennis, a cat named Elsie, and a dog named Harry. He also has an older brother named Lionel. He would use his GreatBigBookOfEverything to learn about the animals.

The series was seen for several years as part of the lineup of the Playhouse Disney block on Creator/DisneyChannel. Repeats are currently being aired as part of the 24/7 Disney Junior network.

!!Contains examples of the following tropes:

* AnAesop
* AnimatedAdaptation: The TV show is actually based on a property of books and CD-ROM games by Griff, whose name was lent as the family name for Stanley and his family.
* BlindWithoutThem: Mr. Griff states that he can't see a thing without his glasses.
* CassandraTruth: Happens with Stanley on those occasions when he excuses his actions regarding something ''Great Big Book'' related by simply telling the truth. "I have to go chase after a snake." ({{Beat}}) "Oh, Stanley, don't joke with me like that. You know I hate snakes."
* CharacterTitle
* DeadpanSnarker: Dennis.
* DogsAreDumb: Harry invokes this.
* EdutainmentShow: When not specifically teaching information about animals, it was of the pro-social values and good behaviors type.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: One episode was about the TyrannosaurusRex, while the TV movie has Brachiosaurus as the main dinosaur of focus.
* FakeInteractivity: Dennis, as the designated FourthWallObserver, uses this to quiz viewers on animal facts and occasionally at other times.
* FemaleFelineMaleMutt: Elsie and Harry respectively.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** Probably the only preschool series to get away with "stupid" (without it being cited as a "bad word").
** In "Whole Lotta Snakin' Goin' On," a python escapes from the ''Great Big Book'' and mistakes a vaccuum cleaner for another snake [[RoboSexual and tries to woo it.]]
* GreatBigBookOfEverything: TropeNamer. Given to him by his Grandma Griff. A very special book -- not only does it contain an A-Z of animals, but it also contains magic properties. Stanley and others can "[[WesternAnimation/BluesClues skidoo]]" inside it, and the animals can escape from the book. However, even though the book in the show is referred to by its title, we only learn what it contains about animals.
* GreenAesop: The Earth Day story "Save the Bluebird," complete with an "Every Day is Earth Day" song peformed by just about the entire cast, including Stanley's pets. Additionally, "The Way of the Buffalo" has a fairly big one about conservation, enough so for Disney Junior to choose it for their Earth Day 2013 airing, despite the Earth Day song in "Save the Bluebird." Occasionally shows up at other times as well, given that it is a show about animals, some of which are threatened or endangered.
* HollywoodChameleons: Defied in "The Color of Stanley"; Stanley becomes a chameleon, thinking it'll be cool to change colors at will. He soon learns that a chameleon's color changes are actually dictated by their moods.
* InvisibleToNormals / NarniaTime: Either or both may be responsible for why nobody ever seems to notice the absence of Stanley and his friends when they go inside ''The Great Big Book of Everything''.
* OncePerEpisode: Stanley looks something up in the ''Great Big Book'' and Harry & Elsie perform their "Great Big Book of Everything" song, much to Dennis's dismay. Except in rare cases that Stanley goes online to look something up, in which case Harry and Elsie have an "online" variation of the song that they perform.
* OffscreenTeleportation: Harry and Elsie appear out of ''nowhere'' to sing the annoying song about the Big Book; Even Denis lampshades it
-->'''Denis''': How do you two always manage show up to sing that horrid song about that book, in even the most ''improbable'' places?
* OstrichHeadHiding: In "Honest Ostrich", Stanley feels he let Marci down when he can't find a soccer ball she let him borrow for a big game, and he wishes that he could hide his head in the sand like an ostrich and forget the whole day. Dennis points out to him that ostriches don't really hide their heads in the sand, and after finding out the truth in the GreatBigBookOfEverything, he finds out that ostriches really duck their heads in the grass to avoid being spotted by predators. So they tell the kids that one myth is not true, and replace it with a variant on the myth instead? Ostriches don't hide their heads in the grass either to hide from predators. As the description says, they run.
* PlaygroundSong: In "Stanley's Dinosaur Round-up," Stanley and his friends perform "The Song That Gets on Everybody's Nerves."
* RecordNeedleScratch: This is sometimes, but not always, used to introduce "The Great Big Book of Everything" song, or its second verse.
* SanitySlippage: Elsie experiences one when she grows tired of waiting for the butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis in "Caterpillar Countdown."
* ShoutOut: In "Horsepower," both when Stanley first looks up horses in ''The Great Big Book of Everything'' and when one comes out of it, a bit of the theme from ''GreenAcres'' is played. Additionally, Harry and Elsie reference the lyrics from the theme of ''Series/MisterEd'' when they perform the "Great Big Book of Everything" song. And in ''Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up," when Stanley asks what kind of animals are at the dude ranch, Mr. Griff states "they have horses, of courses."
* SickEpisode: "Sick Day Stanley" - Stanley has a cold and can't go out to play baseball. He learns about the importance of rest when you're sick.
* SmellySkunk: The episode "PU Pup" focuses on them. Interestingly in that, while Harry ''does'' get skunked, the episode explains that the skunk was just defending itself and they ''don't'' stink 24/7.
* StatusQuoIsGod: In "Sheep and a Haircut," Mrs. Griff gets a new hairstyle, which Stanley has to get used to, the aesop being that change can be good. In the next episode, however, her hairstyle is right back to the one seen on her throughout the series.
* StraightManAndWiseGuy: When Harry and Elsie are joking around, Elsie often plays the straight cat to Harry's wise dog.
* TalkingAnimal: But only his pets, who only talk to him, his Grandma Griff and his immediate circle of friends
* TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat
* TemptingFate: Dennis, every time that he decides that it's okay to say "The Great Big Book of Everything" because Harry and Elsie are A.) sleeping or B.) not around. He seems to wise up a bit as the series continues, but doesn't seem to realize that Harry and Elsie are also clever enough to show up even when someone doesn't say the name out loud, but simply references the book.
* ThatRemindsMeOfASong: In ''Stanley's Great Dinosaur Round-Up," Stanley's Uncle Stew says this word-for-word before performing "Believe in Your Dreams."
* TitleThemeTune: Performed by the Baha Men, of all groups.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Marci and Mimi.
* WeirdnessCensor: On the rare occasions that anyone who is not Stanley, Grandma Griff, or one of Stanley's friends sees any weirdness associated with ''The Great Big Book'' (animals that have come out, etc.) or something like Harry & Elsie singing/talking, they will dismiss it as their eyes playing tricks on them or some sort of hallucination.
* YouCanSayThatAgain: Stanley says this after Elsie tells him "Boy, do you have a problem" in "Kangaroo Cleanup," so Elsie does so. Harry then enters the room-- "Hey, Stanley, did you hear? You have a problem."