Western Animation / Squirrel Boy


A short-lived Cartoon Network animated series, Squirrel Boy was created by Everett Peck (best known for Duckman). Airing for three seasons and 58 11-minute episodes (2006-2008), the series followed the adventures of the ordinary 9 year-old boy, Andy Johnson and his anthropomorphic pet squirrel/best friend, Rodney, who is loaded with get-rich-quick schemes. While the show received decent reception from critics, it is better known for its large Periphery Hatedom which may have even led to its swift cancellation. The reasons for why are somewhat mysterious and probably better better ignored.

No relation to Squirrel Girl.

This show has:

  • All Just a Dream: "The Rod Squad' episode was actually just a dream he had after he passed out eating several boxes of cinnamon buns which the family needed for an event... a problem he attempted to solve in his dream.
  • Bandito: Salty Mike becomes one in "Gumfight at the S'Okay Corral".
  • Bee Afraid: In one episode it's shown that Leon's favorite flavor of cake is wasp nest.
  • Cowboy Episode: "Gumfight at the S'Okay Corral"
  • Curse Cut Short: Was it a curse? (When "three" sees "fun" walking down the street, three grabs fun's face and—"
  • I'll Take Two Beers Too: In "Ice Cream Anti-Social", Rodney orders two sludgies, and Andy says he'll have the same.