[[caption-width-right:305:Creator/JackBlack in a shark costume meets Creator/WillSmith in a fish costume.]]

->''"And I learned it all from the greatest gangster film ever:'' Shark Tale."
-->-- '''Homer Simpson''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

'''''Shark Tale''''', a 2004 movie produced by Creator/DreamWorksAnimation has probably [[AllStarCast the biggest ensemble cast]] in an animated Dreamworks movie (although WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda is close). Starring Creator/WillSmith, Creator/JackBlack, RobertDeNiro, Creator/AngelinaJolie, Creator/ReneeZellweger and even director Creator/MartinScorsese. [[InkSuitActor Every character in the movie looks worryingly like the actor voicing them]].

This mafia movie, set in the world of saltwater fish, is the story of what happens when the son of the shark boss (De Niro) of a fish crime family is killed by a dropped anchor, and a bottom-feeder named Oscar (Smith) is found at the scene of the crime. Hoping to win favor with the enemies of the ganglord, the fast-talking hustler poses as the killer known as the "sharkslayer", but soon learns it's a dangerous game in a world where the big fish generally eat the little fish...

It's how ''Film/TheGodfather'' would be, if there were fish and Creator/WillSmith.

!!''Shark Tale'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AlasPoorVillain: Not exactly a villain, but [[spoiler:Frankie]] counts, seeing how sad Lenny felt when he died.
* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude
* AmbiguouslyGay: Lenny. He talks in a high voice. His confession of being a vegetarian is very similar to that one of being gay. Just read the "Does This Remind You Of Anything" below.
* AmbiguouslyJewish: Don Feinberg, the elderly leopard shark mobster who offers to sing the Titanic song.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: A really heartbreaking example.
-->'''Oscar:''' Nobody loved me when I was a nobody--
-->'''Angie:''' ''I'' DID!
* AssInALionSkin: Lenny the shark passes himself off as Sebastian the Dolphin.
* BettyAndVeronica: Angie as the Betty and Lola as the Veronica.
* BigBad: Don Lino.
** [[spoiler: the true big bad is actually Lola, who wanted revenge on Oscar calling it quits. Lino was just a sympathetic grump who genuinely cared for his sons]]

* BigEater: Frankie, to Lino's delight.
* BigGuyLittleGuy: Lenny and Oscar.
* BigNo: When an anchor lands on Frankie, Lenny screams this just before he tosses the anchor aside like a cottonball.
** Oscar does the slo-mo kind when he sees Lucky tripping and losing the race.
* BilledAboveTheTitle: The poster says it all. So did all the commercials, which did everything they could to make it seem as if the whole thing was just an excuse to have all the biggest superstars of [[TurnOfTheMillennium the early 2000s]] ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] Creator/MartinScorsese) appear in a movie together.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Lola.
* BookEnds: The film begins with the worm on the hook that Lenny frees. [[spoiler: Then as Oscar and Angie dance on the Whale Wash sign, the little worm appears again and winks before we cut to the closing credits]]
* BrickJoke to name a few;
** the Headphone Guy
** Crazy Joe the hermit Crab
** The Shorties & their vandalism mischief
** The shrimp that Lino unsuccessfully gets Lenny to eat
** the Orca whale who constantly faints
* CaptainObvious: Luca
* CarnivoreConfusion
** Lenny the Shark, a principled vegetarian who refuses to devour sapient creatures, and an embarrassment to his father, makes an unsuccessful attempt to eat a sobbing shrimp who begs for his life.
** Also, in the second scene, which shows off the city, we have a brief look at a sushi bar. There is not a single customer, to the owner's frustration. Guess why.
* ChekhovsGun: Angie is seen in her first scene with a sheet of paper showing how much she loves Oscar but hides it when he enters. Oscar later finds it [[spoiler:after he is told she has been kidnapped, to show how much he means to her and her love for him is sincere.]]
* TheConsigliere: Subverted with Luca (the octopus); you'd expect he'd fall in this role, but in fact he's very stupid.
* CouldHaveAvoidedThisPlot: If Sykes hadn't asked Oscar to bring the money he owed to the track, events would have progressed quite differently.
* CreativeClosingCredits/CreditsMontage:
** First we see frames of the Characters that freeze with their voice actors' names appearing; Then still frames of the movie itself.
** the mid-credit Stinger explained a bit further down
** as the end credits roll, Crazy Joe interacts with the audience with some priceless ramblings:
*** "Hey! you gonna eat the rest of your popcorn?! Bleah, too much butter...Hey, a nacho! (crunch)"
*** "What?! You see this guy?! **taps crew member name* he hardly worked on the movie at all! Always on the phone yakkin' yakkin' yakkin'!"
*** "You guys heard what's playin' next door? ''Stinky''!
** [[spoiler: The rolling credits end with a ThatsAllFolks from Mrs. Sanchez the old weaver fish telling the audience to go home because ''it's past your bedtime!" She slams her window closed and we cut to the DreamWorksAnimation logo]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Lots of the characters do this. Oscar, Angie, Lenny, Sykes, and Lino.
--> '''Angie:''' Oscar, instead of getting in Mr. Sykes' face with another one of your get-rich-quick schemes, go do something you're actually good at: ''your job.'' Which, by some miracle, you still have.
* DeathGlare:
** Sykes does one at the track [[spoiler:after Lucky Day trips and loses the race.]]
** Lola gives a rather frightening and sudden one to Oscar before slamming him against the windows [[spoiler:after he dumps her.]].
* TheDitz
** Ernie & Bernie
** Luca
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Lenny. He's vegetarian, wishes to be a dolphin and tries to hide this secret to his family. Don't forget the speech Oscar makes after he's trapped Lenny and Don Lino in the whale wash: "What is your problem? So, your son likes kelp. So, his best friend is a fish. So he likes to dress like a dolphin, so what?! Everybody loves him, just the way he is. Why can't you?"
* DopeSlap: Frankie to his brother Lenny. [[spoiler:It's the last thing he does before dying.]]
-->'''Lenny''': Hey! mom said it's not ok to hit!\\
'''Frankie''' (slaps Lenny again) Mom's not here!
** Oscar also does this to Lenny when sneaking him into the warehouse
-->'''Oscar''': Alright Lenny, follow my every move and ''don't make a sound.''\\
'''Lenny''': You got it. Oh an echo. [a little louder] Echoooo! "Now batting for the Southside Sharks #15--\\
'''Lenny''' : OW! It's not OK to hit!
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Lampshaded for comedy. No one seems to mind Lola beating the ever-loving crap out of Oscar, even though she does it in front of at least 20-30 people.
-->'''Sykes''': Ha! Young love! (He and the other partygoers laugh)
** Their apathy also served to underline the insincere friendship of those wealthy, famous fish.
* TheDon: Don Lino
* DumbMuscle: Frankie, he's a killing machine but doesn't have much brainpower.
** This is also Lino's reason to a disbelieving Sykes of why Lenny would be of good head of the reef
-->'''Lino''': Long story short. From now on, you work for Frankie & Lenny. Capiche?\\
(Sykes bursts out laughing)\\
'''Sykes''': Lenny? ''Lenny?!'' Frankie, I understand, but ''Lenny''? You can't possibly be serious!\\
'''Lino''': I'm dead serious. It takes more than muscle to run things. Now Lenny, he's got the brains. ''That's'' somethin' special.''
* EasilyForgiven: Oscar doesn't exactly hold the fact that Sykes ordered him murdered against him, even going so far as to let Sykes profit off of his new image. Well, he does owe the guy a lot of money.
* ElectricJellyfish: Ernie and Bernie.
* ExtremeOmnivore: When Lenny spits out Angie he also throws up a variety of junk. A violin, a beachball, a license plate (which another shark discretely eats).
* FakeUltimateHero: Oscar is hailed as a "shark slayer" (the film's original title) after the shark chasing him is killed by a wayward anchor and he takes all the credit.
* TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily
* FatherIDontWantToFight
* FawltyTowersPlot
* FictionalCounterpart
** Coral Cola and Gup, anyone?
** Don't forget the Kelpy Kreme
** And the Gup.
** And Katie Current
* ForcefulKiss: Lola swims up to the cameras and gives Oscar one of these, causing Angie to leave in anger, sadness, and jealousy.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** The spray painting the Shorties do on the billboard at the beginning. The shark looks like Don Lino.
* {{Gasshole}}: Don Feinberg, during Frankie's funeral, when he tells Lino he has some news, he farts, and a big green bubble pops under the orca behind him, who faints. Lino then gets up from his chair and decides to talk with Feinberg by the window.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar
** Bernie call Oscar a "Wiener".
** An early shark tells Lino where Frankie is going when he dies.
** A line from a whale at the Whale Wash:
--> '''Whale''': Also, it's mating season. And I'm feeling ''lucky!''
** When Lola reveals herself at the sit-down, the sharks swoon at her to which one remarks "''Marone'' if I wasn't married..."
** Oscar states to Angie that he "wants some of that" (the good life), not realizing he's pointing at old Mrs. Sanchez (looking frumpy). When Angie asks if he was talking about that woman, Oscar quickly says no..
* GentleGiant: Unlike his brother Frankie and his father Don Lino, Lenny is a rather nice guy.
** Actually, Frankie & Lino have few shades of this as well.
* GoldDigger: Lola. In her first scene, [[LampshadeHanging she even calls herself superficial!]] Also the name of the song by Ludacris and Bobby Valentino featured in her introduction.
** She also forcefully kisses Oscar infront of the cameras, causing Angie to leave in jealousy, anger, and sadness.
* HeelFaceTurn: Sykes becomes decent enough throughout the progression of the movie that it warrants him getting a happy ending too. If he hadn't improved, it would have taken away from how dangerous Don Lino is.
** Not to mention [[spoiler: Don Lino himself at the end.]].
* HerbivoresAreFriendly: Unlike most sharks, Lenny is actually a vegetarian and is also pretty friendly since he doesn't want to hurt other fish. That doesn't stop the fish from being scared of him though.
* HurricaneOfPuns: The entire movie is full of them. The crew called these parodies "fishi-fied"
* IHaveAFamily: When Lino Tries to pressure Lenny to eating a shrimp. The shrimp starts by crying that he has a family, then goes on to describe each and every one of his kids in excruciating detail as Lenny and Lino argue.
-->'''Shrimp:''' It's true, it's true! And the other thing is, my sister had a baby and I took it over after she passed away and the baby lost all its legs and arms and now it's just a stump but I take care of it with my wife and... and it's growing and it's fairly happy... and it's difficult because I'm working a second shift at the factory to put food on the table but all the love that I see in that little guy's face it makes it worth it in the end. True story\\
(''cue Lenny sobbing silently and wiping his tears'')
* IdiotHero: Oscar fits this ''perfectly''!
* IgnoredEpiphany: a humorous example from Lino due to [[ItMakesSenseInContext upon seeing Lenny in a dolphin disguise]]
-->'''Lino''': What did I ever do to ''you''?! You took Frankie away, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking you turned Lenny into a dolphin!]]\\
(his sadness quickly turns to fury)\\
* ImColdSoCold:
-->'''Frankie:''' ''(dying)'' Lenny, is that you?\\
'''Lenny:''' I'm here, Frankie.\\
'''Frankie:''' Come closer.\\
'''Lenny:''' What is it, Frankie?\\
'''Frankie:''' I'm so cold.\\
'''Lenny:''' That's because we're cold-blooded.\\
'''Frankie:''' ''(Frankie slaps Lenny)'' Moron. ''(dies)''
** Which is hilariously misleading, when you consider that Great Whites are among the few shark species [[YouFailBiologyForever which actually are ''warm-blooded'']]. Then again, maybe that's why Frankie called him a moron.
* InkSuitActor: '''And how!'''
** The film has been criticized for taking this method a bit ''too'' far. In WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's review of the film NC even calls the characters "Will Smith-fish, Jack Black-Shark, Renee Zellweger/Fish, etc." instead of their actual names.
---> '''Nostalgia Critic''': You don't see these characters as actual characters. [[LampshadeHanging You just see the celebrities representing them...]]
** Will Smith channeled his inner Fresh Prince for Oscar.
** Robert De Niro played an Italian godfather, his first mobster since the Godfather trilogy.
* IWantYouToMeetAnOldFriendOfMine: Creator/RobertDeNiro to Creator/MartinScorsese.
-->"We've worked together for a real long time."
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Oscar, Sykes, Lino
** Sykes comes off as a really nasty LoanShark at first, but later he and Angie see Oscar kissing Lola on TV, and it looks like he was aware of her feelings for him, since he looks deeply sympathetic. He's willing to go even shares with Oscar, and while he's certainly more concerned with business, puts up with a lot from Oscar considering how frustrating he must be.
** Don Lino while grumpy and short tempered, clearly just genuinely cared for his sons [[spoiler:and upon Oscar admitting the truth to him, he apologized to Lenny and the Don reformed.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Lola
* KidsAreCruel: The Shorties
** The Shorties are not actually cruel (in fact, they're quite friendly); they're just extremely mischievous and love spraying graffiti.
** [[spoiler: The kids in young Oscar's show and tell disaster flashback are ''far worse'' than the Shorties, because cruelly mocked him for admiring his father being a tongue scrubber.]]
* [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal]]: Poor, poor [[spoiler: Frankie]].
* LenoDevice: Katie Current "keeping it current"
* LogoJoke: The boy from Creator/DreamWorksAnimation casts his line and the action switches to the worm at the end, which segues into the movie proper.
* TheMafia
* IronicEcho/MeaningfulEcho: When Oscar tries to do a secret finshake with Sykes
-->'''Oscar''':,Snap your fin Sykes! You're not snappin' it! \\
'''Oscar:'''Oh hey don't sweat it Sykes, a lot of white fish can't do it."\\

** at the end, Sykes does it to [[spoiler: Lino]]
---> [[spoiler:'''Sykes:''' "Snap it! You're not snappin it?"\\
'''Lino :''' I'm snappin' it I'm snappin it!"\\
'''Sykes :''' "It's alright. A lot of great whites can't do it, yo\\
'''Lino :''' Yo?\\
'''Sykes:''' "Yo, what's up?"\\
'''Lino:''' "Up with what?\\
'''Sykes:''' Yo, yo yo yo yo...\\
'''Lino'''[annoyed]: You say "yo" one more time, and I'm gonna yo you!\\
'''Sykes''': Sorry.]]
* MissingMom: Subverted: The only time we see Don Lino's wife is when she's sobbing on her husband's shoulder over Frankie's death. So, she's not missing, she just doesn't have much of a role.
** According to some fanfic, her name is Kathleen.
* MisterBig: Sykes
* TheNapoleon: Sykes
* NiceGuy: Lenny.
* NightmareFuelStationAttendant: Don Lino & Mr. Sykes.
* NotGoodWithRejection: [[spoiler: Lola, to the point where she ''mercilessly whacks Oscar against the windows'' when he dumps her for Angie]]
** [[spoiler: Lola then arranges the sharks to kidnap Angie in demand of Oscar's obedience, even threatening Angie's life in order to do so]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Lola''': You know, Sharkslayer, there's only one thing i like better than money: ''Revenge''!]]
* ObliviousToLove: Oscar wasn't aware Angie always had a crush on him until she outright told him herself.
-->'''Oscar:''' What's gotten into you?\\
'''Angie:''' ME? I swear I just wanna hit your big dumb dummy head!
* OhCrap: Oscar gets this when [[spoiler: Angie finds out about his lie.]] He also gets a big one when he learns that Frankie is the son of Don Lino.
** Sykes gets one when [[spoiler: he uncovers Oscar's lie, particularly after he had previously yelled at Lino over the phone to shut up]].
* APartyAlsoKnownAsAnOrgy
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "SHARKS! Are COMING! To GET ME!"
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Angie gives a very crushing one to Oscar.
-->'''Angie''': Just tell me Oscar, 'cause I'm curious. Why do you think Lola's interested, huh? Do you honestly think, for one minute, that she'd even be ''with'' you if you ''weren't'' the rich and famous Sharkslayer?! Are you that blind?\\
'''Oscar''': At least she treats me like I'm somebody!\\
'''Angie''': Yeah, but would she love you if you were nobody?!\\
'''Angie''': ''I'' DID! (''Oscar stares at her speechless; Angie turns away'') Before the money...and before the fame...before the lie. To me you ''were'' a somebody Oscar. Now you're nothing...but a fake. A sham. A con. You're a joke.\\
(''Oscar is deeply hurt by her words'')\\
'''Oscar''': Angie I--\\
'''Angie''' (on the verge of tears): No, forget it! Just go! 'Cause I'm tired of hearing how everything you had in your life wasn't good enough--including me.\\
(''Oscar lowers his head in despair and sadly swims out of the warehouse'')
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: After being fatally crushed by the anchor, Frankie seemed to redeem himself before he drew out his last breath.
* RunningGag:
** Crazy Joe frequently claiming to be Oscar's financial advisor
** the orca whale who constantly faints.
* ShootTheHostage: Oscar attempts to fake this when the Sharks kidnap his girlfriend by having his "dolphin" partner pretend to eat her right on the spot (he grabs her in his mouth, but doesn't swallow) on his order to show that he didn't care. [[spoiler:Fails as the "dolphin" is Lenny the vegetarian shark, who is repulsed by the simple taste of fish. He spits her out along with the contents of his various lunches.]]
* ShoutOut: It wouldn't be a Dreamworks movie without many of them.
** The most obvious and numerous are to ''Film/{{Jaws}}''. This film's music is even described as their "theme song" by Frankie.
** Lenny's name is probably inspired by Lennie Small of ''Literature/OfMiceAndMen''. There's even a short "AndCallHimGeorge" moment with Oscar.
** Crazy Joe watches ''Series/TheBennyHillShow'' inside his shell.
** To the movie ''Car Wash'', of all things.
** Possibly accidental, but the movie bears some distinct resemblance to ''{{Dragonheart}}'', in which a knight and a dragon ends up in a stalemate during a fight and decides to cooperate. They do this by faking battles with each other in front of awestruck villagers that the dragon pretends to attack, where he at the end of the battle pretends to die.
* TheSmartGuy: Lenny. You think at first it's just wishful thinking on Don Lino's part, but Lenny ''is'' pretty sharp. He's the first to realise that Oscar is lying. He thinks up a plan to fake his own death. He disguises himself as a dolphin so well that he attends a sit-down with his own father and isn't recognised. He even skilfully blackmails Oscar into taking him - a shark - home. When he talks all smooth and "God forbid somebody should find out the truth", you remember that yeah, he may look all cute and vegetarian, but he's still ''the son of a Mafia Shark'' - and he knows the tricks of the trade.
* TheStinger:[[spoiler:Part of the way through the credits, the image changes to the empty penthouse apartment and Lola enters (unaware that Oscar isn't there), hoping Oscar will take her back and saying he'd have to be crazy not to, only to find Crazy Joe there.]]
* TerribleTrio: The {{Gonk}}ish Sykes, Ernie and Bernie.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: Ernie and Bernie.
* {{Tsundere}}: Angie
* UncleTomfoolery: Oscar
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: Angie. [[spoiler:Became [[VictoriousChildhoodFriend victorious]] in the end.]]
* WaterIsAir: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] when a race seahorse Oscar had bet on trips before the finish line.
-->'''Oscar:''' He trips underwater? Now who in the halibut ''trips'' underwater? And, by the way... on what?
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The Stinger doesn't fully explain what happened to Lola. [[spoiler: Did Lola ever find out about Oscar's lie? News seems to pass by quickly in the reef. Even if she did find out about Oscar's lie, she's still humiliated by being stuck with Crazy Joe. Will she still cause Oscar trouble?]]
* WhatTheHellHero: See Reason you Suck speech example above
* WhatMeasureIsANonCute: To the fish population of the Reef, Lenny the Shark is scary as a shark, but cuddly and safe when he disguises himself as a dolphin. Just so we're clear, [[CarnivoreConfusion dolphins eat fish too]], but they're cute! (This led to a few reviewers reading a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything stronger metaphor in it...]]) Funny thing, is, the movie actually ''uses'' this, [[spoiler:when Oscar tries to subvert IHaveYourWife by having Lenny fake eating his girlfriend. The "attack" appears to be just as quick and almost as savage as... well, a shark attack.]]
* WholePlotReference: The movie wears some distinct resemblence to 1996's ''Film/{{Dragonheart}}'', a movie about a knight and a dragon who ends up in a stalemate during a fight and decides to cooperate, to which they do by faking battles in front of awestruck villagers that the dragon pretends to attack, with the knight pretending to kill the dragon at the end...
* XRaySparks: Ernie and Bernie, the two {{Electric Jellyfish}}es, make fishbones flash whenever they shock a fish with their tentacles.
-->'''Mrs. Sanchez''': "What're you still doin' here? [[ThatsAllFolks Get outta here! Go home!]] It's past your bedtime!