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Western Animation: School For Vampires
"He is right dear, that boy could never pass as a creature of the night".

School for Vampires (Die Schule der Kleinen Vampire) is a German/Italian animated TV series, which not surprisingly centers around a group of vampire children learning everything a vampire needs to know. Our hero Oscar might have been one of the best students at the Vampire Academy, if it was not for the fact he cannot see, let alone taste blood, if he does, he faints. To make matters even worse, he is in love with a human girl whose grandfather is a vampire hunter!

This show provides examples of:

Mona the VampireVampire Fiction    
The Real GhostbustersHorror Western AnimationScooby-Doo
Big Top Scooby-Doo!Western AnimationScreen Songs

alternative title(s): School For Vampires
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