--> It had been a long night and Private Detective Ruby Rocket needed a stiff one... Then ''he'' walked in.

''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV5dNB5ThFA Ruby Rocket, Private Detective]]'' is a FilmNoir-style short by Sam Neimann, starring Stacey Hallal.

Rocket is woken in her office by a man knocking on the door, wanting to hire her.

It is lauded for its lush animation and good writing. Despite this and an overall positive reaction, only one short has been made.

* HardboiledDetective: Ruby.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Ruby.
--> It'd been a long night. Night that stretched into day then back into night then back into day. Least I thought it was day.
* ManOnFire: Well, woman anyway. Ruby accidentally sets her hair on fire while lighting her cigarette.
-->My assistant, Pixie Stick was taking a well-deserved vacation, leaving me to take care of myself. And I wasn't doing a very good job of it.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}:
--> I watched him put the cigarette in his full, round lips. I could have lit it with my soul. Because it was on fire. My soul was on fire not his cigarette. Well his cigarette was on fire too but after I lit it. Not on fire but lit, it was lit.
** And
---> Looking at him was like stealing candy from a baby. I like candy. I like chocolate turtles with pecans. I don't like babies as much, they're too small and you can't eat them. Well, I guess some people might eat them, but that's just plain {{sick|AndWrong}}.
* PrivateEyeMonologue: Just about every cliché you can name. Ruby's office is grimy, with half-open Venetian blinds, a door with a frosted window, and a bottle of booze on the desk. She eventually spends so much time monologuing that she hadn't heard a word the client said.
* RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic: Ruby stumbles over words and metaphors. Possibly because she's hung over and still a bit drunk.
* SmokingIsCool
* TalksLikeASimile
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Where Ruby keeps her cigarettes.
* WeaponStomp: Subversion. In the opening, one of the men on the floor reaches for a gun. Ruby jabs him in the head with her CombatStilettos