''Quasi at the Quackadero'' is a 1975 animated cartoon by Sally Cruikshank.

The short revolves around "[[CallASmeerpARabbit ducks]]" named Quasi and Anita (the latter played by Cruikshank herself), and their pet robot Rollo as they visit the Quackadero, a strange place where the amusements revolve around time travel. Among the mad things that happen are an apparently fabricated "shining moment", five actors faking being past lives of Quasi, and the trio having their thoughts painted.

Yeah, it's ''[[DerangedAnimation that]]'' kind of cartoon.

There is also a sequel called ''Make Me Psychic'', where Anita buys a device that can make matter obey her will. It's just as deranged.

Sally Cruikshank has uploaded the whole thing to Website/YouTube, so you can catch the madness [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH7LcVNusQE here]].
Tropes found in this short:
* UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfAnimation: One of the bright spots of that era.
* DerangedAnimation: This along with follow ups ''Make Me Psychic'', ''Quasi's Cabaret Trailer'' and ''WesternAnimation/FaceLikeAFrog'' are this trope.
* ElmerFuddSyndrome: Anita seems to have a mild case of this.
* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Quasi.
* InformedSpecies: You wouldn't know those were ducks if you weren't told so. The cartoon's aversion of FourFingeredHands and use of FeatherFingers doesn't help, either.
* MindScrew: Every single second.
* NippleAndDimed: Averted in the part of the "Shining Moment" scene where the duck [[LessDisturbingInContext walks into the room as a naked female duck]], with her nipples in plain view.
* OffstageVillainy: Quasi is described throughout the short as "evil", but there is no evidence to back this up beyond him being lazy and being a bit of a {{Jerkass}}.