[[caption-width-right:349:All God's creatures, '''fresh''' off the grill...]]

'''''Mr. Meaty''''' is a "children's" show, ages eight and up, debuting on Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} and Creator/{{CBC}} in 2006. It's about two teenagers, Josh and Parker, who work in a mall at a fast food restaurant called, well, Mr. Meaty. Josh is a snarky and tall and often scheming to get money, get girls to notice him, or just in general. Best Friend Parker is a lovable moron who's also ThePollyanna and is incredibly nice. They work for the thawed out (but not completely, as he still looks like a frozen corpse) Texan CEO of Mr. Meaty. They also have to deal with a roving gang of "Gangsta" kids, a group of [[AlphaBitch Libbys]] named the Ashleys, and other general weirdness that pops into their store.

Take note of those quotation marks around the word "children's". Parents, this is a ''very'' oddball show.

!!This series provides examples of:

* AlphaBitch: Ashley.
* AscendedToCarnivorism: An unusual human variation occurs when a group of soy-centric vegetarians are supposed to eat their new employee, as part of a plan that even they don't really understand. This is mostly because their "circle of life" chart makes no sense and is ''really'' confusing.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: After years of emotional repression, Parker turns into a monstrous {{Jerkass}}.
* {{Brainwashed}}: The hypnotized customers and partially Mr. Wink, the manager who was given an electric chip, turning him mean, bitter, and robotic.
* BigEater: Parker.
* ButtMonkey: Josh, usually due to Parker's stupidity. Parker has his moments as well.
* ChestBurster: The lizard-face alien dressed as a new employee in "I Love Lizzy" is implied to be a facehugger alien type, as she traps Parker in a snot-like web and promises him that once she impregnates him with her eggs everything will be fine...until they hatch and burst out of his chest.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Josh, who has been barred from getting his license for the better part of his life as a result.
* DumbBlonde: Ashley 2.
* GrandFinale: Extremely rare for a Nicktoon; especially their comedies, but Mr. Meaty had one. The special ''Dream of the Dead'' ties up every loose end, sets the duo towards their successful future shown in ''Geezers'', and notes that they never return to the titular fast food restaurant again until they become rich enough to buy it out solely for the purpose of shutting it down. Also half the town's brains are eaten by the zombified Bugosi, but no one notices this.
* GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe: An lizard-faced alien dressed as a new employee tries to attract the duo so she can impregnate them with her eggs.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Wedgelor can only be defeated by being given a wedgie.
* ICallHerVera: Doug's baton is known as Sarah Jane.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: Doug, the mall cop, seems to like hanging out with the boys.
* {{Jerkass}}: Josh can be this sometimes.
* KarmicTransformation: When Josh insults a magical unicorn, the unicorn turns him into a pink horse but with his head remaining human.
* MacGyvering: Parker made a time machine out of a microwave, jumper cables, and sausages.
* MeaningfulName: Edward Carney's last name is a pun on "carne," the Spanish word for "meat."
* MegaCorp: Arguably the Mr. Meaty fast food chain, which is controlled by Edward R. Carney, the founder who was previously cryogenically frozen and will not rest until man, woman and child has a Mr. Meaty meal 5 times a day.
* OnlySaneMan: Brittney, easily the most fair and sensible of everyone in the mall.
* OurDemonsAreDifferent: Wedgelor, a wedgie demon found in a muscle powder can.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Doug.
* SaltAndPepper: Josh and Brittany. Brittany is very level-headed and advice-savvy and smarter than Ashley and Ashley 2. In the episode Big Greasy Musical, Parker says Josh always talks about liking Brittany. In later episode, she's outright called Josh's girlfriend, and Josh gets jealous when he thinks another guy is after her. [[spoiler: In the episode's end, he confesses he acted crazy out of jealousy, because he loves her. His feelings are reciprocated.]]
* [[SealedEvilInACan Sealed Evil In A Muscle Powder Can]]: Wedgelor.
* ShipTease: [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Goth Girl]] and Brittany, whom Josh is stated to like in one episode. She becomes his girlfriend in a later episode.
* ShoutOut: The behind the counter ordering system is an [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration LCARS Display.]]
** There's a group of snobby girls [[WesternAnimation/{{Recess}} all named Ashley]].
* TyrantTakesTheHelm: When Doug is injured, Parker takes over and it takes two seconds for the power to go to his head.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Almost OnceAnEpisode.
* WeirdnessMagnet: The two boys.
* ZombieGait: Josh and Parker hypnotize customers into becoming zombies. The zombies substitute "meat" for brains.