Another MerchandiseDriven animated series from the [[TheEighties 1980s]]. This one debuted in 1987, produced by Creator/DICEntertainment.

The show told the tale of pretty blonde-haired Princess Lady Lovely Locks and her {{Fairy Companion}}s the Pixietails. Most of what they have to worry about comes from the evil Duchess Ravenwaves who wants to take over the land Lovely Locks rules. There's also a family of friendly dragons, a blind wizard, and a prince who turns into a dog. Yeah.
!!Tropes featured include:
* AllThereInTheManual: [[http://ladylovelylocks.org/image/tid/44 An Enchanting Fairy Tale Adventure]], the first tie-in book, reveals that Lady's status as an orphan was caused by Ravenwaves' mother, Grand Duchess Ravenhair. When Lady was born, Ravenhair sent a powerful tornado that sent everyone far away, including herself. Lady only escaped because her crib was in another room.
* AllTrollsAreDifferent: Hairball changes sizes depending on his moods, as well as sneaking around.
* AlliterativeName: Lady Lovely Locks' name and title start with L.
* {{Animesque}}: Production duties were shared by Japan and France, while animation was done in Japan exclusively, like many American cartoons of this time.
* {{Animorphism}}: Prince Strongheart was cursed to change into a dog.
* BlindSeer: Wizard Shining Glory, who is blind but knows many things about the land.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Lady Lovely Locks, Maiden Fair Hair, and Maiden Curly Crown, respectively.
* BondVillainStupidity: There are times when Ravenwaves and Hairball manage to create good opportunities to cut Lady's hair... but most of the time they're too busy gloating to cut it.
* DamselInDistress: Nine times out of ten, the Pixietails save Lady Lovely Locks from whatever trouble she is in this week.
* DamselOutOfDistress: Sometimes Lady Lovely Locks was able to rescue herself, though usually in the middle of an episode rather than the end.
* ErmineCapeEffect: Lady Lovely Locks, by way of LimitedWardrobe.
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses
* FairestOfThemAll: Ravenwaves plans to be the fairest ruler in the land by stealing Lady's hair.
* FemmeFatale: Duchess Ravenwaves.
* FreudianTrio: Lady Lovely Locks is the down-to-earth ego, coolheaded and intelligent Maiden Fair Hair is the superego, and comical and impulsive Maiden Curly Crown is the id.
* HiddenObjectGame: Illustration of TheMerch from books, puzzles, cards, etc. have hidden pixie tales.
* HypercompetentSidekick: The Pixietails have very strong magic and end up doing most of the work themselves, while Lady's only contribution is to summon them by shaking her hair.
* MacGuffin: Lady Lovely Locks' hair, which was her power source. Duchess Ravenwaves' goal was to cut it and obtain power over the land.
* NearVillainVictory: Duchess Ravenwaves came ''very'' close to cutting Lady's hair at times, especially in "Vanished," where she held a Pixietail hostage, then ordered that ''all'' the Pixietails leave them alone, including the one she was holding. She was only foiled when a Pixietail too far away to hear the order snatched away her scissors.
* NonIndicativeName: Maiden [=FairHair=] is not fair-haired.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: For one thing, baby dragons look more like furry pigs. For another, they grow from a magical tree.
* PimpedOutDress
* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: The Princess is supposed to be the ruler of her realm, but she doesn't actually do any ruling.
* PrettyInMink: Fur trimmed coats worn when they go someplace cold.
* PrincessClassic: Lady Lovely Locks is sweet, polite, and high-class, as befits a princess.
* PrincessesPreferPink: Lady and her maidens tend to wear pink.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Duchess Ravenwaves wears dark purple and has purple streaks in her hair.
** Shining Glory also has purple wizard robes.
* SmallAnnoyingCreature: The Pixietails, the Comb Gnomes, and the baby dragons.
* VagueAge: Lady, the Maidens and Duchess Ravenwaves all look very much like children, but their voices and stations of authority suggest that they are young adults.
* VerbalTic: The Pixietails added "ix" to the end of every word they say, making most of their speech nigh incomprehensible.
* VillainBall: A bad guy has the princess in his grasp, and spends too much time menacing her rather than getting her hair.