''Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama'' is a feature film based on the animated series ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''.

After Bonnie Rockwaller points out that she's literally the only member of the Middleton High-cheerleading squad without a date for their upcoming high school prom, Kim Possible realizes that her crime-fighting lifestyle has prevented from maintaining a steady romantic relationship with a boy, and that the closest she has to one is her best friend/sidekick, Ron Stoppable.

That is, until a new guy shows up, Eric. They quickly start dating, and Kim plans on going to the prom with him, while Ron is left to deal with the new struggle of emotions he has found through Kim's new relationship. Meanwhile, Drakken has been plotting a diabolical plan, that goes beyond anything he's done previously.

Originally, this movie served as the [[GrandFinale series finale]], ending with Ron and Kim hooking up, [[SeriesFauxnale before the]] [[UnCanceled show was renewed]] [[PostScriptSeason for a fourth season]], where they defied StatusQuoIsGod by entering a relationship.
!!This movie provides examples of the following tropes:

* TenMinuteRetirement: After [[spoiler:Eric (Synthodrone #901) reveals his true nature and captures her]], Kim gives up, until Ron snaps her out of it by declaring his feelings for her.
* AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: Drakken's Diablo robots trashed the Possible household and Wade's bedroom.
* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: Much to the surprise of Kim, Ron, and Bonnie, [[ShipperOnDeck everyone at the prom, including the janitor]], celebrated when Kim and Ron became a couple.
* AnimationBump: Unlike the cartoon and the previous movie this movie is in CGI for the action sequences.
* AttackAttackRetreatRetreat: At the end of the montage where kids around the world are running out of Bueno Nacho with their new Li'l Diablos, the kids in Nome, Alaska rush back in because it's so cold.
* BadLiar: When Ron was accidentally roped into a poker game, one of the other players caught on that he had bluffing tells: no eye contact, touching the face, shallow breath. Those same symptoms showed up again when Ron was telling Kim that he was okay with her dating Eric.
* BattleInTheRain: The final fight scene was fought while raining.
* BerserkButton: Rufus shows he doesn't take kindly to being dissed. As Ron said [[spoiler:before Erik paid the piper for calling Rufus gross]], "[[PreMortemOneLiner The little dude holds a grudge]]".
* BigDamnKiss: Kim and Ron's FirstKiss as an official couple at the end of the movie.
* BigDamnMovie: Featuring Drakken's greatest world domination scheme and a RelationUpgrade fans have been clamoring for is more than enough to make the film qualify.
* BookEnds: A lot of the plot points in ''So The Drama'' echo the first aired episode ("Crush").
* BroadStrokes: At a Q&A fans asked the creators questions about ''[[TheMovie So The Drama]]'' asking why [[AlphaBitch Bonnie]] wasn't portrayed more sympathetically after "Bonded", and why Kim is objecting to the idea of taking Ron to the Prom because of "The Rules" after saying that there were no rules in "Grudge Match". They responded that the movie was originally written as a cap to the first season in the event they didn't get any more episodes, and made very few changes to the script so as to welcome new viewers and prevent ContinuityLockOut.
* CallBack:
** Big Daddy Brotherson [[Recap/KimPossibleS1E7NumberOne being an informant]].
** Drakken trying to find Kim's weakness by [[Recap/KimPossibleS2E22Blush doing research on teenagers]].
** Kim once again [[Recap/KimPossibleS1E6BuenoNacho talks to her mother while she's on speaker phone]].
** James Possible [[Recap/KimPossibleS1E9AttackOfTheKillerBebes being an expert of cybertronic technology and liking bacon on his pizza]].
** Kim agreeing with Drakken that [[Recap/KimPossibleS1E1Crush she should've stuck to babysitting]].
* CatchAndReturn: The battlesuit can not only shield against Shego's HandBlast, but also capture the energy to toss back at her.
* CheatersNeverProsper: At the beginning of the movie, Ron got a couple of Nakasumi's shareholders to do his homework for him as a way of thanking him for helping save Nakasumi from Shego. However, he ends up losing it when Rufus pulls his ripcord, causing it go flying everywhere, much to Kim's amusement.
* ChekhovsArmory:
** All the "experiments" in Drakken's lair play a larger role at various points in the movie. The most important of it all being [[spoiler:Drakken researching the "teen scene".]]
** This also applies to Nakasumi's doodles and the project James was working on at the beginning of the movie.
** Jim and Tim's miniature rockets end up playing a crucial part in the climax.
* ClothingDamage: During the battle with the Diablos, the hem of Kim's dress is fried, much to her chagrin. However, it doesn't stop her from wearing it back to the prom with Ron.
* CoincidentalBroadcast: Just as Kim's parents were about to chew her out for being out all night, she turns on the television where Tricia Lebrowksi was doing a report of her saving Nakasumi.
* CompletelyUnnecessaryTranslator: Miss Kyoko for Nakasumi. Who wouldn't want to whisper to a pretty girl all the time?
* DanceOfRomance: The final scene of the movie where Kim and Ron dance to "Could It Be," leading up to their FirstKiss. {{Fandom}} also considers it a ConvenientSlowDance as Kim and Ron just happened to be dancing to [[SuspiciouslyAproposMusic a song that fit the circumstances]].
* DarkerAndEdgier: As the name of the movie implies, it is much more dramatic and action-packed than the original series. Not to mention it contains the first instance where a character is KilledOffForReal.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: When Drakken comments that his newest DeathRay is ''[[IncrediblyLamePun killer]]'', Ron comments that the phrase was redundant.
* DespairEventHorizon: Kim comes close to crossing it after [[spoiler:she realizes how Eric played her]], until Ron talks her down from it.
* DisneyVillainDeath: The [[WhatCouldHaveBeen original version of the climax]] had Shego ''seemingly'' killed off. By Kim. In response to a verbal taunt. About something that was entirely Drakken's doing. After the heroes had already won and Shego was [[VillainExitStageLeft trying to flee the scene]]. Instead of being treated as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome or KickTheSonOfABitch, test audiences were horrified, [[FocusGroupEnding so the scene is still in there but a scene was added showing that Shego survived]] [[MadeOfIron being kicked into a building, electrocuted, and the building collapsing on top of her.]]
* DistressedDude: Subverted with [[spoiler:Eric]].
* DontSaySuchStupidThings: After [[spoiler:Eric is revealed to be a synthodrone and he and Shego capture Kim and Ron]], Kim [[TenMinuteRetirement despairs]] and Ron tries to bring her around:
-->'''Ron''': So, what's the plan?\\
'''Kim''': ''(Devastated)'' Ron, I... I got nothin'.\\
'''Ron''': [[HeyThatsMyLine That's]] ''[[HeyThatsMyLine my]]'' [[HeyThatsMyLine line, and what's worse, that's quitter talk!]]\\
'''Kim''': Drakken finally won. I should have [[RefusalOfTheCall stuck to baby-sitting]].\\
'''Ron''': Okay, KP, this pity fiesta is over. Drakken has ''not'' won. He played you. Now it's payback time.
* DressHitsFloor: Well, a wetsuit. Pretty hot for Disney.
* EleventhHourSuperpower: Kim's battlesuit. When the show was UnCanceled, the writers had to find reasons to [[HoldingBackThePhlebotinum minimize]] [[StoryBreakerPower Kim's use of the suit]].
* EmbarrassingPassword: While Big Daddy Brotherson isn't embarrassed by how childish his password sounds, Drakken did look uncomfortable for a moment before saying "Neener".
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: You almost get the impression that everyone (save Bonnie) cheering when Ron and Kim show up at the dance together was a celebration of something they'd all been waiting to see. Even the janitor was cheering.
* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: Kim ends up having to save her dad from a mutant squid.
* EvilAllAlong: [[spoiler:[[TheMole Eric]]]].
* ExactWords: [[spoiler:Eric wasn't kidding when he said [[MetaphoricallyTrue his mission was to take Kim to the prom]]]].
* EyeTwitch: Ron and Rufus experience one when they learn that Naco Night has been cancelled.
* FacePalm:
** Kim does this with both hands when Ron not-so-subtly tries to convince Nakasumi's shareholders that his toy business isn't so easy.
** Rufus and Ned do this when Ron turns out to be having a fit over the bendy straws instead of suspecting something evil was happening at Bueno Nacho.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** Eric is shown to have sharp reflexes during the scene with Tim and Jim using jetpacks.
** Might be unintentional, but when Kim is calling her mom, she notes that "I'm gonna end up with Ron!" [[note]] Of course, when she says this, it's treated as the worst thing ever, but it's probably safe to say she no longer feels that way. [[/note]]
* FryingPanOfDoom: When Jim and Tim's rockets come flying into the kitchen, Kim swats them down with a frying pan, much to Jim and Tim's chagrin.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** In addition to the 'wetsuit falling to the ground' part mentioned above and Shego's 'tap' comment mentioned below, there was a scene where Kim and Monique were in changing rooms and clearly topless. Definitely one of the most mature moments in Disney Channel Original Movie history.
** "When you glisten? Could you be any sicker?"
* GoingNative: Stevens, the head of Drakken's teenage wasteland research project, ended up getting absorbed into the lifestyle.
-->'''Drakken''': Stevens! Progress report!
-->'''Stevens''': ''Whaddup, Dr. Dee-Diggity-Dog?''
-->'''Drakken''': We've lost Stevens.
* HarmlessElectrocution: Shego comes through the DisneyVillainDeath moment described above with only minor superficial damage to her clothes, hair, and dignity.
* HeadbuttOfLove: Kim and Ron do this at the prom just before their BigDamnKiss.
* HoldingHands: Kim and Ron arrive at the prom like this, which clues Bonnie to the fact that they're dating.
* IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship: One of the reasons Ron originally decides not to go through with telling Kim about his feelings for her was the fear that if she rejected him, it would destroy their friendship. In the end, he decides to anyway.
* IHaveYourWife: A variant. Dr. Drakken uses Eric as a hostage to lure Kim into a trap [[spoiler:which is sprung when Eric reveals his true nature and tasers her]].
* ImMelting: This happens to synthodrones when their exoskins are punctured, similar to what happened to the clones Drakken created in "[[Recap/KimPossibleS1E16KimitationNation Kimitation Nation]]". [[spoiler:This was the fate of Erik after Rufus bit his leg, though it actually looks like he shriveled up to nothing after his synthogoo drained out]].
* IronicEcho: In the first episode of the series, "Crush", Drakken taunts Kim by saying "You should have stuck to babysitting!" After [[spoiler:Erik's betrayal]] leads Kim to the edge of the DespairEventHorizon, Kim curses herself with "I should have stuck to babysitting."
* {{Irony}}: Drakken says it word-for-word when he discovers his old college roommate James Possible has the cybertronic technology he's after.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Bonnie's attitude over dating Brick Flagg. It got to the point that she had no problem causing the cheer squad's pyramid to collapse to answer her phone, even accusing ''Kim'' of having an ego problem for getting on her over it.
* ItsPersonal: Ron ''really'' doesn't like when you mess with Bueno Nacho as Drakken finds out at the end of the movie.
-->'''Drakken''': You can't be serious\\
'''Ron''': Note ''serious face''.
** Also, the exchange leading up to the moment described above:
--->'''Kim:''' [[IronicEcho You know what I really hate?]]\\
'''Shego:''' That your date melted?\\
'''Kim:''' Nah. ''You''.\\
''(Kim kicks Shego off the roof into the signal tower)''
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Initially, Ron decides to let Kim go and be happy with Erik. He decides to confess his feelings [[spoiler:after Erik's true colors are revealed]].
* KeystoneArmy: [[spoiler:Neutralizing Drakken's broadcast tower causes the Diablos to revert into harmless toy form.]]
* KillerRobot [[KillerDoll Dolls]]: The Li'l Diablos.
* KindaBusyHere: The opening scene features Team Possible thwarting Shego's attempt to kidnap Nakasumi. During the action, Kim takes a call from Monique and exchanges some school gossip.
* KnowWhenToFoldEm: A literal example. During the card game when Ron throws all his chips into the pot, one of the players think that's a sign that Ron has a winning hand and folds. Ironically, Ron's hand is junk, having even the joker.
* LastMinuteHookup: Kim and Ron in the final moments of the movie, with the PostScriptSeason showing them dating.
* TheLastStraw: The final change at Bueno Nacho that pushes Ron to his RageBreakingPoint is, amusingly enough, [[VisualPun the removal of the bendy straws]].
* LiteralMinded: When Ron screams at Lars "This is the last straw!", Lars replies "No, we have more in the back!".
* LiterallyFallingInLove: A variation at the end. When Kim and Ron are at the Prom and too nervous to make a move, Rufus jumps out of Ron's pocket and shoves the two close to each other to get them to start dancing.
* LockAndLoadMontage: After learning that Drakken [[spoiler:supposedly]] kidnapped Erik, an angry Kim immediately busts out and suits up in her new, experimental battle suit.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: When Kim and Erik met for the first time, Ron sensed that a loop was forming that he wasn't in.
* LoveEpiphany: Happens for both Kim and Ron. Whilst Ron's is hard to pinpoint exactly [[note]] Ron mentions to Rufus in his room that the "something" between him and Kim has "been there a long time" [[/note]], his [[GreenEyedMonster jeal]][[GreenEyedEpiphany ousy]] over Kim and Eric is very apparent. Kim's occurs towards the end, when, after [[TenMinuteRetirement feeling defeated and broken]] over being tricked by Drakken, as well as the possibility that [[NoGuyWantsAnAmazon she'll never find the right guy for her]], Ron comes clean.
-->'''Kim:''' You really think there's a guy out there for me?\\
'''Ron:''' Out there... in here...\\
'''Kim:''' ''([[LoveRevelationEpiphany realizing what he's saying]])'' O-Oh... ''Really''?
* MindProbe: Drakken develops a Brain Tap Machine that he planned to use on Nakasumi to get a toy design, but was unable to because Shego failed to capture him (but thanks to her [[GivingThemTheStrip getting his coat]], he still got one). However, he got a second chance to use it when he captured Dr. Possible for his Hephaestus Project knowledge. Unlike his previous mind reading devices, this one worked, with the added effect of giving James short term memory loss.
* MinorCrimeRevealsMajorPlot: The movie begins with Drakken attempting to kidnap toy magnate Nakasumi, which is considerably small time compared to his other crimes. However, it then leads up to Drakken's greatest attempt to take over the world.
* MistakenForAfterlife: After getting clotheslined by Shego, Ron wakes up to an eyeful of Mexican-themed items, prompting to ask "Is this heaven?". Turns out that he and Kim are just tied up in Bueno Nacho Headquaters' warehouse.
* MomentKiller:
** Kim's graceful descent down the staircase is shattered when Jim and Tim come flying in on their rockets.
** Kim and Ron were having a moment when Ron was finally confessing his feelings to Kim, when Rufus appeared causing Ron's confession to go "Guys like...Rufus?". Luckily, this results in a EurekaMoment where Kim realizes Rufus can get them free.
* MookMaker: Drakken apparently developed technology that enabled him to make synthetic minions called synthodrones. [[spoiler:This turned out to be a ChekhovsGun when he used it to create Eric]].
* MyWayOrTheHighway: Big Daddy Brotherson makes it clear to Drakken that if he wants information, he'll have to play his 'silly games'.
* NearVillainVictory: [[NotSoHarmlessVillain Drakken]] gets much closer to his goal of [[TakeOverTheWorld global domination]] than he ever did before, or ever [[PostScriptSeason would again]].
* NeonSignHideout: Drakken's lair in the Alps had a not-so-inconspicuous sign in from that said 'Secret Lair'.
* NoGuyWantsAnAmazon: Kim actually believes this is the reason she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, and her explanation is the page quote.
* NoodleIncident:
** Apparently, Drakken has used synthodrones before. According to Shego, their fighting skills were improving and they might actually ''win'' in a fair fight, meaning that Drakken's past uses of them have been failures.
** It seems Ron once mistook one of Kim's gadgets for nail polish and nearly melted his fingers off.
** Ron has apparently tried to get the Cafeteria Lady fired, without success.
** Apparently, the fire department has visited the Possible household so many times that they've advised Mr. and Mrs. Possible to forbid Jim and Tim from doing anymore fusion experiments.
* NotHyperbole: When Ron tells Kim that Erik can't come up into the treehouse with them and Rufus, Kim figures that Ron's just being immature...but then Ron explains that Erik really can't come up there with them because of the treehouse's weight limit.
* OffhandBackhand: When the sumo ninja recovered from Kim's knock out gas and [[EnemyRisingBehind sneaked up on Ron from behind]], Ron accidentally did this to him while he was cheering Kim on.
* OfficialCouple: Kim and Ron, from ''So The Drama'' onward. WordOfGod is they were planned from the start, [[JustFriends which is unsurprising]]. WordOfGod goes on to further state that if there were any doubts, their relationship from "Graduation" onwards will indeed continue and flourish and that they will be together forever.
* OhCrapSmile: Jim and Tim flash one when their father discovers they took his J-200 rocket fuel.
* OhWaitThisIsMyGroceryList: When Drakken goes to Big Daddy Brotherson for information on the cybertronic tech he needs for his scheme, he's forced to play his 'silly games'. Afterwards, he ends up with what he thinks is a top secret code, but is really this. However, Brotherson gives him the real information he needs.
* OverrideCommand: The computer pad with the Hephaestus Project data was keyed to James' voice. When James said yes to Anne's offer for coffee, not knowing he had triggered the delete request, it nearly deleted the file. James ended up using this feature to keep the data from Drakken. [[MindProbe Or at least he tried]].
* ParentheticalSwearing: Shego vents her frustration at returning empty-handed from the mission to capture Nakasumi:
-->'''Minion:''' Brain Tap Machine ready for prisoner.\\
'''Shego:''' There ''is'' no prisoner go tap yourself!
* PhotographicMemory: When James nearly accidentally deleted the Hephaestus Project data, he assured Anne he had the information memorized. This became a ChekhovsGun when he had to delete it to keep it from Drakken. Unfortunately, it came back to bite him when Drakken revealed that he had a [[MindProbe Brain Tap Machine]] that he had been dying to use.
* PopularityFoodChain: Bonnie's taunts about this to Kim is what makes her nervous about the possibility of going to the prom with Ron as JustFriends. In the end [[spoiler:after Drakken messes with her and Ron reveals his feelings for her]], she decides that the food chain doesn't matter and takes Ron to the prom as her ''actual'' date.
* ProperlyParanoid: As Kim said, Nakasumi was right when he thought he was in some kind of danger.
* QuietCryForHelp: Ned (the previous manager of the local Bueno Nacho until one of Drakken's agents took over his job) tries to warn Ron that something is seriously wrong. Ron remains clueless until his attempt to complain to the company's CEO rings through to Dr. Drakken.
* RelationshipRevolvingDoor: Bonnie and Brick. As Kim puts it during a conversation with Monique:
-->"How many times can two people break up and get back together?"
* RelationshipUpgrade: Kim and Ron. Carries over to the PostScriptSeason.
* {{Remember The New Guy}}s: Everyone acts like they're familiar with the synthodrones, despite this being literally the only time Drakken ever used them.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: [[spoiler:Eric (aka Synthodrone #901)]].
* RoboticReveal: [[spoiler:"Actually here, I'm known as Synthodrone #901".]]
* RomanticFalseLead: Eric; [[spoiler:Drakken [[ExploitedTrope WEAPONIZED]] the trope!]]
* SayMyName: Ron to Drakken. Kim's arrival usually makes Drakken exclaim "Kim Possible!"
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: Lars, Drakken's goon, yells really high pitched when he sees a Diablo robot coming at him.
* SealedWithAKiss: Kim and Ron, originally and ''again'' in the [[StockSeriesFinales second finale of the series]].
* SelfServingMemory: While talking with Kim in the treehouse, Ron recalls a time he used his slingshot to keep Arnie Custer from hurting her. Kim then reminds him what actually happened was "I had to pull him off you because you beaned him with this slingshot."
--> '''Ron:''' We were six, okay? The details are sketchy.
* SeriesFauxnale: It was intended as the GrandFinale, but then the show was renewed for a PostScriptSeason.
* SeriousBusiness: Ron considers Bueno Nacho getting rid of their bendy straws crossing the line.
* ShipperOnDeck: Apparently, everyone at school besides Bonnie wanted to see Kim and Ron hook up.
* ShoutOut:
** In the ActionPrologue, the way the front giant claw of Shego's plane accidentally trapping the balloon strings is similar to how [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUqGwnAolSs Batman used his Batwing to cut away Joker's balloons]] in [[{{Film/Batman}} the 1989 movie]].
** The art style and the music of the opening credits are also tributes to the [[Film/JamesBond Bond movie openings]].
** When Kim and Ron got a ride from a captain named Mr. Bailey who Kim saved from a hurricane, Kim said it wasn't like the hurricane was a [[Film/ThePerfectStorm a perfect storm]], but it was okay.
** Drakken doing his DarthWiki/DarthVader impersonation by saying his [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack iconic]] YouHaveFailedMe line.
** Ned mentioning the possibility of Bueno Nacho putting in a playground and getting a spokesclown to go with the decision to have kiddie meals with toys is a reference to UsefulNotes/McDonalds.
* SpyTuxReveal: After swimming ashore to Brotherson's lair, Ron strips off his scuba outfit to reveal a suit. It's not clear whether Kim does likewise or simply changes clothes while Ron looks away.
* {{Squick}}: InUniverse. After being captured [[spoiler:and TheReveal that Eric is a synthodrone]], Ron squeals in disgust at [[spoiler:the thought of Kim kissing a synthodrone. Kim admits she never kissed him, much to Ron's relief and joy, but then she says [[TooMuchInformation she]] ''[[TooMuchInformation wanted]]'' [[TooMuchInformation to]]]].
* SuddenlyVoiced: Much to Kim and Ron's surprise, Nakasumi is revealed to be fluent in English.
* SurprisinglyFunctionalToys: While on Nakasumi's jet back home, Ron and Rufus play with a remote control car, with Rufus in the driver seat.
-->'''Ron''': Rufus, ''I'm'' supposed to steer! Oh, come on!
* ThatManIsDead: Invoked by Drakken when he tells James that he is no longer the man he knew in college (i.e Drew Lipsky).
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: In-universe example; Bueno Nacho goes under new management (courtesy of Dr. Drakken), and Ron gets upset over every change made to the restaurant. His NostalgiaFilter especially reaches its limit when the bendy straws are gone. Well, at least Drakken keeps it operational. Shego ''destroyed it'' in "A Sitch In Time".
* ThisIsUnforgivable:
** [[spoiler:Eric]] really paid the price for making a nasty crack about Rufus.
** Ron felt this way to Drakken for ruining Bueno Nacho, saying it was even worse than taking over the world.
* ThreeLinesSomeWaiting: The film entailed three plot lines: Drakken's mysterious new scheme for taking over the world, Kim dealing with trying to find a date for the prom which leads to her meeting Erik, and Ron dealing with the recent changes that Bueno Nacho is undergoing. [[spoiler:All three plotlines end up intersecting]].
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The first promo for the movie gave away the scene with [[TonightSomeoneKisses Kim and Ron dancing at the prom at the end of the film]]. [[note]] Although they were nice enough to leave the actual "money shot", the BigDamnKiss, out of it. [[/note]]
* TransformingMecha: The Li'l Diablos, when Drakken triggers them.
* TranquilFury:
** Kim experienced this when Drakken and Shego kidnapped Erik [[spoiler:until she found out the truth about him]].
** And once again before she [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin punched Drakken across the room]].
* UltimateJobSecurity: When Ron and Erik were having lunch, Ron mentioned to Erik you ''can not'' get the Cafeteria Lady fired.
* UnfinishedUntestedUsedAnyway: After getting Drakken's ultimatum demanding that she surrender [[IHaveYourWife to save Eric]], [[LetsGetDangerous Kim puts on the battlesuit]]:
-->'''Wade:''' Kim, the battlesuit is still just experimental.\\
'''Kim:''' It's about to get a road test.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Mr. and Mrs. Possible aren't even shocked at the sight of Jim and Tim's rockets flying around the kitchen, calmly moving out of the way without looking.
* UnspokenPlanGuarantee: Dr. Drakken keeps Shego in the dark about his plan to test whether it's clever enough to finally defeat Kim.
-->'''Drakken:''' If you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out. And that means...\\
'''Shego:''' ''(impressed)'' ...You just might win.
* VillainExitStageLeft: After the Diablo plot is foiled, Drakken and Shego attempt to do this, only to be stopped by Ron and Kim respectively. While Ron forced Drakken a SayMyName moment, Shego experienced a DisneyVillainDeath.
* VocalDissonance: When Kim and Ron first encounter the sumo ninja at the beginning of the movie, his voice was deep and booming. However, due to receiving a nasty {{Wedgie}} from Ron during the fight, when they encounter him again at BN Headquarters during the climax, [[InstantSoprano his voice is squeaky]], to the point that Kim and Ron couldn't help but snicker. Ron even lampshades by telling him not to talk so not to ruin his mystique. Doubles since Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson does ''both'' the deep voice ''and'' the high squeaky voice!
* WavingSignsAround: To get Naco Night back, Ron tries to circulate a petition. This plotline is only shown for one scene.
* WeaksauceWeakness: One good puncture can drain the goo out of a synthodrone, destroying it.
* WhamLine:
-->[[spoiler:'''Kim:''' Eric. ''(hugs him)'']]\\
[[spoiler:'''Eric:''' [[TheReveal Actually, here, I'm known as Synthodrone Number 901]].]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Kim:''' ''(OhCrap face)'']]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse:
** The petition Ron tried to circulate in order to get Nacho Night back was not seen again after its initial scene.
** The whereabouts of the Diablos that hid after chasing Ron was never revealed.
* WhenTheClockStrikesTwelve: Except for in Middleton, Drakken launches his Diablo army at the stroke of midnight.
* WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings: After Shego terminates one of his synthodrones, Drakken makes this comment:
-->"Shego! Must you always break my toys?!"
* WideEyesAndShrunkenIrises: Kim's eyes go wide and liquid with betrayal as Eric reveals he's not really her boyfriend, then they go tiny in pain as she's tasered.
* XanatosGambit: Drakken pulled two of these in the movie. First, when he kidnapped Kim's father to lure her into a trap, it wouldn't have mattered if they escaped as he already got the cybertronic technology he needed from James' brain. The second one was to activate the Diablos in Middleton to distract Kim while Shego went to the prom and [[spoiler:pretend to]] capture Eric, [[spoiler: then have Eric taser her in case Shego lost.]]
* YouHaveFailedMe: Subverted. Drakken [[TrapDoor drops Shego]] into a squad of attacking synthodrones after she returns without capturing Nakasumi. It turns out that he's just conducting a test of their combat ability and being a bit [[{{Jerkass}} obnoxious]].
-->'''Shego:''' Okay, sport. Why are you all, ''(imitates Drakken's voice)'' "You have failed me for the last time!" Are you kidding me with that?
* YoureInsane: Drakken's reaction when James deletes the Hephaestus Project file, calling him 'mad'.