''Kid Notorious'' was a short-lived animated series on Creator/ComedyCentral. Basically, it was ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'' on the other side of the industry and starred real-life filmmaker and playboy Robert Evans [[AdamWesting as a caricature of himself]]. It featured many parodies of other celebrities, but it also featured [[Music/GunsNRoses Saul "Slash" Hudson]] as himself, playing the role of WackyGuy. Other characters included Evans' pet cat, Puss Puss, his sassy black housekeeper Tullie Mae and his British butler, English, who was voiced by Evans' real life butler.
* AdamWesting[=/=]InkSuitActor: Robert Evans and Slash are themselves, or at least their personas, in cartoon form.
* ButtMonkey: English
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Everyone except for Robert and Saul, who were playing [[AsHimself As Themselves]]
* RightHandCat: Puss Puss
* SassyBlackWoman: Tullie Mae
* SmallReferencePools: One episode actually references the LiveActionAdaptation of ''Film/{{Popeye}}'' (the one that starred Creator/RobinWilliams), one of the more obscure films produced by Robert Evans.
* WalkOnWater: In one episode Evans appeared to be doing this, but then it turned out he was just walking across a platform under the water.