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Western Animation: Jonny's Golden Quest
Jonny's Golden Quest was the first TV movie made for the Jonny Quest series. It aired in 1993. It isn't actually related to the classic series in any way, given that Jonny's mother is present (at least for a while) and seems to be an attempt at a reboot. If anything, it, along with Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects which came out two years later, could be seen as part of the Real Adventures continuity.

Dr. Benton Quest and his wife, Dr. Rachel Quest, are investigating mutations which turn out to be caused by toxic runoff from the secret laboratory/lair of Benton's old enemy Dr. Zin, who is dying of an unspecified disease and trying to clone himself. Most of the clones turn out mutated and deformed mentally regressed monsters which Zin refers to as "Replicants." He has recently succeeded in creating a more or less perfect clone of himself however.

Zin's henchmen kidnap Benton and Rachel, and Jonny and Hadji along with Race stage a rescue, however Rachel dies when she and Zin fall into molten lava. Jonny and his father grieve. Later, a girl named Jessie Devlon arrives, insisting that her father, scientist Victor Devlon, is missing, and she wants the Quests help in locating him. They agree, but it turns out she's not Devlon's daughter, but Race's, and that Zin isn't dead (it was the perfect clone that fell into the lava), and is behind the entire thing. Jonny burns for vengeance despite Benton's urges not to.

Tropes used in this TV movie:

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alternative title(s): Jonnys Golden Quest
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