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Western Animation: Jabberjaw
aka: Jabber Jaw
The Neptunes in concert. Don't worry, the drummer is harmless.note 

Me and my friends get no respect,
What does Scooby do that we neglect?
We be puttin' all our foes in check,
but me and my friends get no respect!
Pain, from their song "Running Underwater"

"Jabberjaw is a great white shark with a voice like Curly from The Three Stooges. That's an odd concept, I don't care where you're from. That makes H.R. Pufnstuf look staid."
Mike Nelson, Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese

In 1976, Hanna-Barbera created this show for ABC as a response to the popularity of the film Jaws. Frank Welker based the lead character's voice on Curly Howard from The Three Stooges, along with Rodney Dangerfield's Catch Phrase, "I don't get no respect."note 

Jabberjaw, an amphibious shark, is the drummer in a rock band called the Neptunes. His human friends are guitarist Biff, bassist Clamhead, keyboardist Bubbles and tambourinist Shelly; the last appeared to be allergic to Jabberjaw's displays of affection. When they're not making music, Jabberjaw and his friends solve mysteries Under the Sea, in yet another variation on the Scooby-Doo formula. They live in a future when the ocean floor has been extensively colonized, with domed cities and the like.

In subsequent seasons, Jabberjaw was a referee in Laff-A-Lympics and a competitor in Yogis Space Race.

Cartoon Network did a short music video in the 1990s that ReVisioned the Neptunes as an alternative-rock band, with Clamhead as a trumpeter; the video still airs regularly as filler on the Boomerang network.

This series provides examples of:

Who's gonna talk like Curly, since Curly isn't here?
Who's gonna chase down villains and then turn around and run in fear?
Who's gonna stand for justice, when bad guys break the law?
You know who I'm talkin' about, we're Clamhead, Shelly, Bubbles, and Biff,
but if you're catchin' a whiff of fish, it's Jabberjaw!
Pain, From their song "Running Underwater"
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alternative title(s): Jabberjaw
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