Western Animation / Hockey Homicide

Hockey Homicide is a 1945 Walt Disney cartoon starring Goofy.

The short takes place on a hockey stadium as the Moose and the Pelicans (or is it the Loose Leafs and the Anteaters?) play a game of hockey that grows increasingly violent.

This short is (in)famous for its utterly bizarre climax and is often regarded as one of the funniest Disney cartoons ever.

This cartoon contains examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Played for Laughs. The narrator points out the heated rivalry between the team's respective star players, Bertino and Ferguson, setting up the game as their final showdown. There never is a final showdown, as their violent bickering keeps getting them sent into the penalty box, preventing them from even taking part in the game.
  • Butt-Monkey: The referee, to the point he has to wear a suit of armor.
  • The Chew Toy: Everyone
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: During the rest period, as the rink is being cleaned you can see a Felix the Cat toy among the detritus being swept up.
  • Gretzky Has the Ball: Done intentionally to show how much the game has descended into chaos.
  • Hockey Fight: By the end, all Hell breaks loose when the entire stadium descends into utter chaos. Meanwhile, the players are calmly sitting in the bleachers watching the riot.
  • Literal Metaphor: The referee really does have eyes in the back of his head.
  • Mid-Battle Tea Break: All the fighting in the stands stop when a 10-minute rest period begins. The fighting immediately resumes when the period ends.
  • Motor Mouth: The narrator's dialogue gets faster as the game gets more intense.
  • Running Gag: "Here come Bertino and Ferguson out of the penalty box... (referee whistles)... and there go Bertino and Ferguson back into the penalty box."
    • Also the scenes of two spectators beating each other up in increasingly violent ways.
  • Stock Footage: To add bizarreness to the already insane riot, clips from older Disney films are seen, including How to Play Football, How to Play Baseball, Victory Through Air Power and even Pinocchio.
  • Tuckerization: The names of the players are those of various Disney artists.
  • Unnecessary Roughness: Bertino and Ferguson keep getting sent to the penalty box for this.