Western Animation: Headcases

It's Spitting Image with CGI!.

A 2008 ITV1 British satire series, using a lot of the impressionist talent around the UK (Jon Culshaw, Rory Bremner and Katy Brand for example), which is similar to Dead Ringers.

Has done seven episodes so far.

Regular parodies that seem to be appearing:
  • Piers Morgan getting large objects dropped on him.
  • "Bob Mugabe on his Farm"- Robert Mugabe as a bad farmer, with yokel accent.
  • Gordon Brown as a dour miser, Alastair Darling (Chancellor of the Exchequer) panicking a lot- he's the dude with the massive eyebrows that aren't the same colour as his hair.
  • David Cameron as a highly posh guy in public and George Osbourne, the Shadow Chancellor as his errand boy (he's the little kid in this).
  • Victoria and David Beckham.
  • French president Nicolas Sarkozy as a Casanova Wannabe.

This show contains examples of: