''Guardians of Luna'' is a dark story which centers around an ancient race of shape-shifters with the ability to change into powerful creatures. Four unlikely heroes descended from this once-great race are charged with protecting an ancestral power source from a ruthless mogul.

Guardians of Luna introduces us to four different werewolf heroes: Carson Stone (Kellan Lutz of ''{{Literature/Twilight}}''), ReformedCriminal Alan Jedda (rap music star, actor and television host Xzibit), Maria Gonzalez (performer still a secret) and Jake Segerstrom (Booboo Stewart of The ''{{Literature/Twilight}}'' Saga).

The main focus early on is Carson Stone, a botany student who moves to the city of Steelhenge after receiving a mysterious letter from his father. Here he will learn a dark family secret and become a key player in the battle to protect the ghosts of an ancient shapeshifting tribe whose spirit energy is much sought after, the Gurrn. Carson will be joined by Alan Jedda(ReformedCriminal turned youth counselor/gym owner), Jake Segerstrom(a young werewolf KidHero wannabe) and Maria Gonzales(a CoolTeacher at a school for hearing-impaired children).

* AlternateContinuity - Manga version by Dance in the Vampire Bund's Nozomu Tamaki and Eri Motomura
* {{Animesque}}
* BlessedWithSuck
* CityOfAdventure - Steelhenge.
* FiveManBand - Well, 4 wolves and a dragon
* HurtingHero(es)
* IntergenerationalFriendship
* InvoluntaryShapeshifter
* OurGhostsAreDifferent - The Gurrn
* OurWerebeastsAreDifferent - Descendants of a Werewolf tribe and a clan of Weredragons, just for starters.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy - Kahn, the Gurrn tribe's warrior-chief.
* ScaryBlackMan
* ScaryTeeth - The Gurrn have mouths full of sharp teeth.
* ShapeshifterBaggage - Oh boy, to Incredible Hulk sizes.
* SiblingRivalry - The Takenobu weredragon siblings
* SpiritAdvisor - Kurru, shaman of the Gurrn spirits
* SpiritualSuccessor to Disney's Gargoyles
* SpiritWorld
* UnstoppableRage - a standard problem among the Ryuujin weredragon clan