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Western Animation: Freak Show

Freak Show (2006) is an Animated Show from Comedy Central. Follows the adventures of the "Freak Squad", a group of cut rate superheroes who work as circus freaks when they're not performing top secret errands (such as sneaking into a closed nation and taking on an evil dictator in order to get the president his delicious Perry nuts) for the United States government. The member of Freak Squad include:

  • Tuck and Benny: Conjoined Twins, apparent leaders of the Squad. They are the only members of the squad to possess any semblance of responsibility and duty. They are also the only members of the squad to have actual names, as opposed to simply being referred to by their gimmick.
  • The Bearded Clam: A giant, anthropomorphic clam with a beard, resembling a morbidly obese, middle-aged woman.
  • The World's Tallest Nebraskan: A simple country man who is also a giant.
  • Primi the Premature Baby: A talking fetus in a robot suit with an Italian accent.
  • Log Cabin Republican: A conservative republican who's also gay, and has the power to transform into a creature called "Burly Bear" capable of running up to 60 mph, climbing trees, and decapitating victims with one swipe of his immaculately manicured hands.
  • Giant Male Model: When the Freaks merge together they form a massive muscular man in a speedo with long blond hair.

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