Western Animation / Croissant de Triomphe

Croissant de Triomphe is one of the season 1 shorts (and one of the two Grand Premiere shorts) of the new Mickey Mouse (2013) series created by Paul Rudish for the Disney Channel and Disney.com. It's the third to air on the Disney Channel while it's the first to be put up on Disney.com.

Minnie Mouse, owner of a small Paris cafe, is swamped with orders for croissants but has none on hand at the shop. Thus, Mickey has to rush from Daisy's bakery with a basket of bread in hand to save his girlfriend from irritated customers, all while braving Paris traffic on his trusty electric scooter.

As the short takes place in France, all dialogue is in French with no subtitles. However, the story is simple enough that anyone can completely understand it.

Contains examples of: