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Western Animation: Chapi Chapo
Chapi Chapo is a 1974 French stop-motion animation series that was also part of the offerings of the Nickelodeon series Pinwheel. The eponymous protagonists were two human-shaped children that wore hats; one blue, the other red. The two children existed in a magical space filled with numerous blocks. When the children touched a block, it could be changed into an object, or its geometry would change to fit their particular need. Interestingly, the children never existed on one spatial plane; they often switched between planes to manipulate shapes.

The children weren't the only inhabitants of the space; some creatures recurred in the 60 episodes including a bunny, a small bird, and a cow.

Chapi Chapo provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Mind Screw: Don't try to think about the action sometimes; you'll get vertigo.
  • Once an Episode: Chapi and Chapo do a dance at the coda of each episode.
  • The Unintelligible: Except for the opening song, the children both speak gibberish; most other creatures only make guttural sounds.
  • Widget Series: A French type.

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