'''''CJ the DJ''''' (2009) is an Australian animated comedy on Creator/{{ABC3}}. It centers around upcoming 13-year-old DJ Catherine 'CJ' Jones and her friends Leslie and Si, as she tries to find fame. Unfortunately, things always get in the way. Created by Mark Gravas (the creator of YakkityYak)

!!Tropes evident in this series include:
* UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Charley
* CloudCuckooLander: CJ's dad Gene, who acts more like a kid than a grown man.
* EyeCatch
* HumiliationConga: Lyle, [[JerkAss though he usually deserves it]].
* ManVersusMachine: In one episode, CJ has to win a [=DJing=] contest against a robotic DJ.
* RealSongThemeTune
* SliceOfLife
* ThickLineAnimation
* ThreeAmigos: CJ, Lesley and Si
* WellDoneSonGuy: Si constantly tries to please his father, which is highlighted in the Soccer Episode, where he keeps causing Si to fail by criticizing and distracting him.