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Western Animation: Archies TV Funnies
This Filmation series on CBS was an early successor series to The Archie Show. As a Framing Device, Archie and his friends worked at a Riverdale television station. The real purpose of the program, however, was to showcase animated adaptations of newspaper comic strips, such as:
  • Broom Hilda
  • The Captain and the Kids (based on The Katzenjammer Kids)
  • Dick Tracy
  • The Dropouts
  • Emmy Lou
  • Moon Mullins
  • Nancy and Sluggo
  • Smokey Stover

The Fabulous Funnies, also produced by Filmation, was a later series on NBC with a similar concept. For its Framing Device, a friend of Alley Oop introduced the various segments.
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alternative title(s): Archies TV Funnies
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