->''"Alias the Jester was a time traveller bold''\\
''Through sheer bad luck his ship got stuck in the Earth's magnetic hold.''\\
''From the middle of space''\\
''To the [[AnachronismStew Middle Ages]]"''

A children's cartoon from Britain's Creator/CosgroveHall, which featured an alien time traveller named Alias, who crashed into Earth in the Middle Ages. There, he adopts the disguise of a Jester, and gains employment in the court of King Arthur (just ''a'' King Arthur, not ''the'' KingArthur). HilarityEnsues.

The series lasted from November, 1985 to February, 1986. A total of 13 episodes in a single season.


!!This series provides examples of:
* AnachronismStew
* ClarkKenting: The king and court have no idea that Alias, the weird flying space guy is the same person as the Jester. Because he's wearing a different hat.
* EarWings: Boswell has a pair of small but functional wings sprouting from his head. There's reason to believe that Alias (never seen without a hat that covers the sides of his head) does too.
* FilmFelons: A band of robbers get into the castle by posing as a film crew on location. Alias spends most of the episode distrusting them without being quite sure why before he finally remembers that ''film hasn't been invented yet''.
* {{Flight}}: One of Alias's alien powers.
* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity: The first episode ends with Alias being hired. ''Every'' subsequent episode ends with him getting fired.
* HappyHarlequinHat: As seen in the image.
* HornyVikings: Raid the kingdom in one episode.
* HumanAlien: Alias.
* ItWillNeverCatchOn: Several of Meredith the Magician's inventions.
* LamePunReaction: The most common reason for Alias to get fired.
* LimitedWardrobe: Each of the regular characters has only one outfit, except Alias, who alternates between his one jester's outfit and his one set of SpaceClothes.
* {{Namedar}}: PlayedForLaughs when Alias encounters a small slimy creature and makes an involuntary noise of disgust -- which turns out to be the creature's actual name.
* NonHumanSidekick: Alias's pet dog(like creature), Boswell.
* OnceAnEpisode: "Jester!" "Yes, your majesty?" "You're fired." "Yes, your majesty."
* SnapBack: But he always has his job again by the beginning of the next episode.
* TimeTravel: Only in the BackStory, though.