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Western Animation: Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!
Before the days of Robot Chicken, there was the Mr. Hell Show. A 2001 animated British sketch comedy based on a character from a line of greeting cards by Hugh MacLeod. The show tends towards a middleground in terms of connectivity between the sketches, with occasional links provided by interjections from the show's title character, a scheming, mysogynistic and rather out-of-touch-with-humanity devil known as Mr. Hell. The sketches themselves provide parodies of various aspects of culture without providing direct references all the time, with occasional recurring sketches.

Has become a Cult Classic after a long-delayed DVD release, having only lasted 13 episodes.

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6teenTurnOfTheMillennium/Western AnimationAction Man
Accel WorldCreator/MVM Entertainment    
87th PrecinctAdministrivia/Needs a Better DescriptionAction Man
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The 7DWestern AnimationAaahh!!! Real Monsters

alternative title(s): Aaagh Its The Mr Hell Show
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