Before the days of ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'', there was the Mr. Hell Show. A 2001 animated British sketch comedy based on a character from a line of greeting cards by Hugh [=MacLeod=]. The show tends towards a middleground in terms of connectivity between the sketches, with occasional links provided by interjections from the show's title character, a scheming, unscrupulous and rather out-of-touch-with-humanity devil known as Mr. Hell. The sketches themselves provide parodies of various aspects of culture without providing direct references all the time, with occasional recurring sketches.

Has become a CultClassic after [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes a long-delayed DVD release]], having only lasted 13 episodes.

!!Aaagh! Oh, god! It's the examples list!
* ArtShift: The background elements are changed to a more line-based "engraving" style during "Diary of a Victorian Lady Detective".
* BadassInANiceSuit: Mr. Hell's default outfit.
* BerserkButton:
** If anything even vaguely reminds Serge the seal about the murder of his parents, expect him to go on a psychotic shooting rampage.
** [[spoiler:Serge killing ]Santa Claus]] was enough to finally tip Pepito over the edge in the Hellathon episode.
* BigBad: Without a doubt, Mr. Hell. [[spoiler: In the final episode, it's revealed that he killed Serge's parents]]
* BlackComedy
* BlandNameProduct: One pub is advertising "Giddiness".
* CatchPhrase: Serge, whenever his BerserkButton is pushed, screams, "It was '''YOU!'''"
** "But alas, it is 1888, and I am but a woman who..."
* DeconstructiveParody: "Diary of a Victorian Lady Detective" is this to novels of that very ilk, with particular emphasis on the era's attitude towards women.
* EvilBrit: Mr. Hell
* ExcitedShowTitle
* FemaleAngelMaleDemon: The episode "From Here to Paternity" reveals that Mr. Hell has an illegitimate child with a female angel.
* FluffyTheTerrible: Serge the seal of death.
* GoshDarnItToHeck: One particular teacher refers to the title character as "Mr. (beat) Heck".
* GunsAkimbo: Serge whenever he goes on a killing spree.
* HairTriggerTemper: Remember how the above BerserkButton example said that Serge is very quick to accuse and go an a subsequent RoaringRampageOfRevenge if anyone so much as slightly resembles the hooded figure who killed his parents? It didn't use the word ''vaguely'' lightly.
* {{Hammerspace}}: [[MST3KMantra Best not to ask where Serge keeps all his firearms...]]
* LargeHam: Serge's French accent.
* LiteralMinded: When Mr. Hell says, "You kids have touched my heart" at one point, the people he was talking to literally were. Through a hatch in his suit, no less.
* LuckyRabbitsFoot: Serge's sidekick, Lucky is a rabbit foot keyring.
* MaleGaze: Dorian Gray's arse is perfect enough to cause this.
* OddCouple: The premise of the 'Tough Cop' sketches in the Hellathon episode. The tough cop is the constant, his partners are changed for every sketch.
* OverusedRunningGag: After many attempts to talk about reincarnation, Josh briefly disappears after TheReveal that [[spoiler:he didn't really want to talk about reincarnation after all]].
* {{Pixellation}}: Mr. Hell's genitals get blurred out in one sketch.
* {{Pun}}: "Henry VIII...there was a guy who knew how to get good [[OffWithHisHead head!]]"
* {{Reincarnation}}: "Hi, my name's Josh, and I'd like to talk to you about reincarnation..." (dies horrible death).
* RecursiveReality: One particular episode has Mr. Hell's musings focussed on the ([[ArtisticLicenseHistory Heavily fictionalised]] for RuleOfFunny) history of animation...[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment within the context of the very animated show he resides in]].
* RecycledInSpace: "[[{{Literature/ThePictureOfDorianGray}} The Photocopy of Dorian Gray's Arse]]"
* {{Rimshot}}: This exchange:
-->'''Queen Elizabeth II''': (Reading Mr. Hell's business card) The Right Honorable Sir [[PunnyName Frankly Mint]] O.B.E. and Bar. (To Mr. Hell) What's the bar for?
-->'''Mr. Hell''': Gathering dust, apparently. (Rimshot)
* RunningGag: "Hi, my name's Josh, [[TemptingFate and I'd like to talk to you about reincarnation...]]"
* SameFaceDifferentName: When dealing with other people, Mr. Hell sometimes identifies himself by a different name, despite still looking like a giant red devil.
* ShaggyDogStory: The Victorian Lady Detective at one point dies in childbirth midway through solving a case.
* ShowWithinAShow: This trope is how certain sketches are linked together.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Invoked with Mr. Hell, awarding sets of school prizes to himself and thinking he can get elected president of the US by way of a comparatively immature-sounding campaign speech.
* SophisticatedAsHell: A giant squid which soliloquises on its mysteriousness before capping it off with a colloquialism about boredom and loneliness.
** Mr. Hell manages to get the entire royal family singing a drinking song, accents and all.
* TitleDrop: The sketch at the start of every episode cues in the title sequence with someone title-dropping the series.
* UnusualEuphemism: "What the field-marshal is going on here?"
* ValuesDissonance: Invoked in "Diary of a Victorian Lady Detective". In fact, using this trope to deconstruct actual victorian female detective novels is the entire premise of these sketches. For example, her dress blows upwards slightly during a heated chase scene, and a nearby vicar and a bishop arrest the title character for indecent exposure on those grounds (which, in those days, amounted showing an ankle).