Well Intentioned Extremist / Web Animation

  • The Big Bad of Broken Saints, Lear Dunham, goes to ridiculous extremes (the most disturbing of which involve the torture of his own daughter) to create a new world order that will set right all the wrongs of modern society.
  • Yukari Yakumo in Diamond in the Rough (Touhou) has this plans for the gappies. She believes Gensokyo grew complacent, and that might destroy Gensokyo due to making the magic fade away, so she gaps selfish children to destroy the balance of Gensokyo and put it into a state of Forever War and keep Gensokyo alive with war, calling this Paradise.
  • Zigzagged with the White Fang from RWBY. On the one hand, they started out peacefully protesting Faunus oppression, and only descended into terrorist actions when their leadership switched over—terrorist actions which an ex-White Fang member reluctantly admits worked better than the original protesting. On the other, said ex-White Fang member left when told to kill innocent bystanders, and said new leader is eventually revealed to be abusive and murderously bigoted himself. Then there's the fact the arc villain has employed them to enact an even worse plan, although she had to kill a few people to convince the guy to work under a human...