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Zeldathon is a video game marathon team consisting of Pablo Penton, Andrew Wyzan, Rev. Johnny Midnite, Julian Bravo and Sean Gonzales that play every console The Legend of Zelda game released every summer for The National Child Advocacy Center, and a random game marathon (often for the same charity) in the winter. They have some help from Andrew Julian. They try to keep their sanity with the help of Amanda Cesario, Tina Lasorsa and Loki.

Zeldathon started in the summer of 2008, founded by Pablo Penton and Sean Gonzales, with Andrew Julian, and Robert Martinez helping out. Later, in winter 2008, for the Game Marathon Invitational challenge against The Wily Whompers, Johnny Midnite would join up. Then, in the summer of 2009, Andrew Wyzan came along and was a giant jerk. Why is he still part of the team? We don't know? Then during the Winter Platformer marathon, Julian Bravo joined up. This is the team's current steady lineup.

Marathons include: Zeldathon '08, The Game Marathon Invitational (vs. The Wily Whompers), Zeldathon '09, Winter SNES Classics Marathon, Zeldathon '10

This event provides examples of the following :