-> ''"Game Maker (1999-present): Started out as Animo, a 2D animation program. It is now technically complex enough to be considered a full-fledged 2D Game Engine, not a Game Maker. {{Ironic}}."''
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Yoyogames are the company behind the Game Maker software originally created by Mark Overmars, making a variety of GameEngine products, the newest being Game Maker Studio. Game Maker has produced indie titles such as ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'' and ''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory''.

The Sandbox site suffers SturgeonsLaw due to the fact that ''anybody'' can upload games they've made using the free edition of the software, previously giving the software a bad reputation. The creators of Yoyogames consider The Sandbox an OldShame which no longer works.

The newest software can export to Android.

{{The other wiki}} has an article on Game Maker
[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameMaker:_Studio here]]
[[https://www.yoyogames.com/studio Main Website here.]]
[[http://gmc.yoyogames.com/ The forums are here.]]
[[http://www.yoyogames.com/developers/yoyolabs Yoyolabs (Open Source Sharing) here.]]

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Here is a list of games created with Game Maker which have pages on TvTropes...
* ''VideoGame/AssassinBlue''
* ''VideoGame/BarkleyShutUpAndJamGaiden''
* ''VideoGame/BattleshipsForever''
* ''VideoGame/BurnTheTrash''
* ''VideoGame/CatPlanet''
* ''VideoGame/CastleOfElite''
* ''VideoGame/CleanAsia''
* ''VideoGame/{{Crazd}}''
* ''VideoGame/DistortedTravesty''
* ''VideoGame/{{Dubloon}}''
* ''VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage''
* ''VideoGame/{{Gunpoint}}''
* ''VideoGame/HardHat''
* ''VideoGame/HeroCore''
* ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami''
* ''VideoGame/{{Hydorah}}''
* ''VideoGame/HyperPrincessPitch''
* ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}''
* ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheFangame''
* ''VideoGame/{{Jumper}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Karoshi}}''
* ''VideoGame/MegamanRevengeOfTheFallen''
* ''VideoGame/NintendoNightmare''
* ''{{VideoGame/Poacher}}''
* ''{{VideoGame/Purple}}''
* ''Videogame/RunManRaceAroundTheWorld''
* ''VideoGame/{{Seiklus}}''
* ''VideoGame/SonicWebAccess''
* ''VideoGame/{{Spelunky}}''
* ''VideoGame/TheProjectThisAndThatSeries''
* ''VideoGame/ThisIsYourGrave''
* ''VideoGame/{{UIN}}''
* ''VideoGame/AnUntitledStory''

!!Yoyogames and Game Maker feature examples of....

* {{Abandonware}}: All previous versions of Game Maker. {{Justified|Trope}} by Yoyogames since Pirates kept causing them no ends of problems with those versions.
* UsefulNotes/BetaTest: The software allows you to update to the latest possible version, although there may be faults.
* {{Bitmaps Sprites and Textures}}: The inbuilt image editor and background / texture editor.
* CopyProtection: There was a fault with the DRM software in Game Maker Studio that actually affected legitimate copies of Game Maker and turned all the sprites into Skull and Crossbones. Has since been fixed.
* EventFlag: Built into the software in the form of Alarms and Collisions.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: {{Subverted}}. Game Maker being a GameMaker is the main example. When you open the program, the first interface you see for Coding is Drag-And-Drop. Anyone who doesn't read the helpfile or readme will not be aware there is a full Programming Language in there.
* FreewareGames: The Sandbox website. Most of the games on TvTropes made by Game Maker are this.
* GameEngine: Game Maker is one.
* GamingAudio: Midis have been removed. But [=MP3s, OGGs and WAVs=] are fair game.
* IndieGame: The Game Maker is the source of many.
* KonamiCode: Entering this on the main website at one point caused pink unicorns to appear. Sadly, this has gone.
* LoadingScreen: Has this at the start of running, both Games and Game Maker.
* LostForever: The site once hosted two seperate forums, the Game Maker Community and the Yoyogames Forums. Averted in the fact someone created an archive [[http://mcmonkey4eva.us.to/YYGF/classic/index.html here.]]
* LevelEditor: The Room Editor part of the software acts as this.
* {{Middleware}}: [=YoyoLabs=] is planned to be this. The original examples were this. [=DLLs=] can be used as this.
* PhysicsEngine: Has one built in. There are various [=DLLs=] and such that can provide a much improved one, however.
* PolygonalGraphics: How a lot of the 3D games work and look.
* ProgrammingLanguage: Although not obvious at first, has one. Game Maker Language or GML.
* RandomNumberGenerator: random()
* UsefulNotes/SoftwarePorting: To Android, Mac, and various others. Game Maker was once Windows only.
* SturgeonsLaw: The Sandbox.
* VideoGame3DLeap: 3D became possible in Game Maker at Game Maker 6. (Due to DLL support.) Support has grown since, but Game Maker is definitely more suitable for 2D Games.

!!The Game Maker Community features examples of...

* AprilFoolsDay: The CEO decided to say they were being purchased by Valve on April 1st 2013. This did not receive good reception, [[DudeNotFunny even for a prank.]]
* AwesomeMcCoolName: Nehemek, [[TakeAThirdOption Mark Overmars]].
* InJoke: There are many of these, emoticons have been created specifically as a homage to some of them by the staff. (Ducks, Squirrels, [[http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=541470 A certain Irish employee...]]
* BewareOfTheNiceOnes: Chance is considered by some to be the most neutral moderator on the site, get on his wrong side however... Applies to Forum Moderators in general.
* DigitalAvatar: Built in the Forum Software.
* FanRemake: Various users have tried re-making Game Maker [[{{Recursion}} in Game Maker]]. Thus far, nobody has succeeded.
* OnlinePersonas: Crammed with them.
* LeftFielder: Even happens in Q&A forums. Although usually one person asking for help with a number of issues and doesn't state them all at once.
* PlayByPost: The Forum Games section.
* {{Pun}}: The Community loves its Puns. As do Yoyogames themselves. Their Anti-piracy measures were actually meant to be a Pun on the Movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley".
* ResidentFreak: Go to the Off-topic forum. You'll probably find 8 of them.
* ShamelessSelfPromoter: Expect to see this a lot when someone has just finished a new game.
* {{Spammer}}: The moderators try to clean up the "Hi, I am new here!" or "This is nice, try my Website!" posts, made by various spambots. Older spam frequently included advertisements for ugg boots
* TheShepherd: A lot of the moderators there are this.