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Xana's Lair is a popular Code Lyoko forum with a big focus on creativity and fanworks, primarily fanfiction, but it attracts a huge range of fans with its sections for discussing the show, shipping, RolePlay, and many others. Along with Code Lyoko Evolved (formally Code Lyoko Veterans) and Lyoko Freak, Xana's Lair may be considered one of the "big three" active English-speaking Code Lyoko fansites.

The main site can be found at Also has pages on tumblr and deviantart, as well as its own profile.


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  • Adventurer 411
  • aelitaxwilliam
  • AeonFrodo
  • Atlas
  • Cyanide 6
  • Death_Bat_Pride: Believes he is a pony
  • Dobermutt
  • Dr J
  • Eilorae
  • Kittyclaw
  • LegendoftheSky
  • Long Haired Aelita
  • Neron641
  • Peace Keeper 2014
  • RenaYumi
  • SeeMeInTheShadows
  • SMARTAgentKC
  • Snickie
  • SoulJelly Former admin and Desert Sector leader; now in retirement, stops by occasionally.
  • The Pastamancer
  • TechnoSam
  • VGCats_Rocks: Major Sonic Fan
  • Zenoxen
  • Koneko on Lyoko

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Alternative Title(s): Xanas Lair