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Wikia, whose website is currently named "Fandom powered by Wikia", is a wiki hosting service founded in late 2004 by Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia, and Angela Beesley. It is notable for hosting many fanwikis, such as WoWWiki and Wookieepedia. However, many wikis have left the site due to discontent over policies such as advertising and the new "Oasis" skin, implemented against the majority of the community's will.

It has its own version of the TV Tropes site; take a look at it here.

Wikis hosted on Wikia with their own pages include:

This website provides examples of:

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Every Wikia troll is shown to fall under this being ignored to being blocked, the point of them closing their account.
  • No Sympathy: When Wikia trolls say they're leaving Wikia for good, people will say good for them.
  • Longer-Than-Life Sentence: An "infinite" ban actually bans the user for 1000 years, literally. Some wikis go further by editing the block time to actually be infinite.
  • Walkthrough Mode: Especially in gaming wikis. In some cases, the walkthrough is so unbelievably detailed that you really feel dumb for following it.
  • Wiki Vandal: An infamous example on 4-5 October 2015. Several wikias got either deleted or redirected to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic wikia, after a staff account got hacked. Luckily they had backups, so the offender was dealt with and the content restored. There was some read-only time though.[1][2]