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Not to be confused with the mock-up YouTube account, which tries to insult anything Weegee-related.

Weegeepedia is a site all about the meme Weegee, as well as creations based on him: Fortran, Guiyii, Fakegees, etc. It is considered the best source of information on the Weegee (Luigi's sprite in Mario is Missing!), and even has stories of its own, some intentional, others unintentional. It has been vandalized by those who dislike the Weegee meme (most former fans who lost faith in Weegee years ago), but they are usually cleaned up.

Provides examples of

  • The Ageless: Zigzagged in Weegee's article. There were times during his adolescence where he did absolutely no aging, but then would go back to aging normally. Then he pretty much became a true immortal. And of course, Weegee is possibly older than he looks.
  • Alternate Universe: Weegee lives in the Weegeeverse. There are also other Weegee universes where different Weegees live.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Many Fakegees fall under this trope. For example, Treegee's skin is green, (gee has an odd shade of pink, some Fakegees have blue skin, and Zalleo's skin is a little grayish.
    • Also the Fortrans and 4trens (except Mayageerio and Seewee), whose skin is white. Literally, white, like milk.
    • And of course, many Fakegees have colorful clothing, like Suteegee. In fact, they even started a group called the Rainbow Weegees.
    • Some Fakegees/Fortrans also have odd-colored eyes: Zalleo has grey eyes, many colored Fakegees have eyes of their color, Toon Malleo has red pupils, Fortran's eyes are blue (the whole eye, except for the pupils), Ragamiicho's are green (again, the whole eye), Garbon's are yellow, Boracuubi's are purple, Greegee's eyes are red (the whole eye, except for pupils again), Xuigee's / Xeegee's eyes are in multiple colors, Nour Godly 1592 has blue eyes (they are completely blue, even the pupils) and Alphaweegee has one green eye and one yellow eye.
    • Even more, many Fakegees have multicolor (or at least strange-colored) hair. Suteegee has green hair and a green mustache, one Fakegee has purple hair and a violet mustache, Xuigee has a rainbow moustache and rainbow hair, the gingerbread Weegee has pink hair, Greegee has blonde hair and a red moustache, (gee has green hair, and Moongee has bluish-gray hair.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Guili's article has this:
    "He would often tip over portapotties, set trash on fire, and write on tests with a number 4 pencil."
  • Badass Family: Every family member of Weegee has at least one special power.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: There are two on the site.
  • Clones Are People Too: Fakegees. Many haters/former fans of Weegee tend to hate Fakegees, but some people defend them.
  • Clone Army: Weegee's army.
    • Also, Al Qaeegee, despite being clones of Weegee and Malleo, who formed an army who hate Weegee.
  • Evil Counterpart: Being a sort-of parody of Mario characters, there's Waweegee, Walleo, Garbon, Boracuubi, Waguiyii, Warreoh, 1bon, 2racoobi, etc. etc.
  • Expendable Clone: Many Fakegees seem to be killed without problem (most are usually revived and join the dark side). The sister wiki, United 'Gees Wiki, even says that Weegee eats some of his clones and feeds them to other clones. This mostly applies to normal clones, but can happen to Fakegees too. Also, there is a huge hatedom of Fakegees, and the original Fakegee was considered an abomination.
  • Fish Eyes: Guiyii, Marreoh, 4tren, Magga...I could go on and on.
  • Gay Paree: If you read Frencheegee's article, you'll figure out what I mean.
  • Hybrid Power: Some fusion Fakegees have the powers (in many cases, weaker) of the people they were cloned from.
  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: Some consider Fortran to be a Fremmlin, while Ulona is a human.
  • Killer Rabbit/Cute it Evil: Some would consider Yushee "cute", but get on his bad side and you will be turned into a Yushee egg, another Yushee, or even killed.
    • Also, his toon form is even scarier.
  • LEGO Genetics: Happens a lot with Fakegees, especially fusions.
  • Little Big Brother: Malleo. He's older than Weegee, yet he looks younger because he's short. Even some Fakegees have younger brothers who are Fakealleos.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Weegee has many of these. 4tren, 3gameecho, Weebee, Mabbio, and Mawepieo are possible long-lost brothers, and Awheeo definitely is one. Some consider Papa Weegee and Mashesh to be long-lost parents (but others don't).
  • Meaningful Name: Many Fakegees, including Galaxeegee, Uglyeegee, Fateegee, Poopeegee, Pizzagee, Japaneegee, Hugeegee, Limeegee, Greenergee...the list just goes on and on.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Some Fakegee forms are like this, such as Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Greegee.
  • No Swastikas: Subverted, averted, and played straight in many cases. Sure, there is an Al Qaeegee, a Maolleo, and even a Klu Klux Kleegee, but there's not one Hitler Weegee in sight. Also, the Mahziis are an obvious parody of the Nazis.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: LriGee.
  • Perpetual Expression: Greatures, like Greegee, will always have one eyebrow down and another up.
  • Politically Correct History: Why Al Qaeegee was changed into the Anti-Weegee Alliance, and why Osama bin Weegee and his clones were removed. It does create some continuity isssues, though...
  • Recolor: Most of the Fakegees, obviously.
    • However, due to recent events, new ones are no longer allowed.
  • Really 700 Years Old: The sister site says that Weegee is actually as old the universe is. Then again, he doesn't live in this universe.
    • Also Malleo, who's even older.
    • And of course, Fortran, Ragamiicho, etc.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Eegeew, Oellam, Eegeem, Oellal, Natrof, Eegnived, Ee Girl, even ǝǝƃǝǝM and oǝllɐW. Also references to Eeneewaw and Oellyam, and there is an Eegeew Wiki.
  • Self-Demonstrating Article: Gibberisheegee's article.
  • Shout-Out: Montego's article gives us this:
  • Super Weight:
    • -1: Weenee, Maylleo, and Fatran.
    • 0: Most Fakegees like Frencheegee or Beegee.
    • 1: Angrygee, Meegee, Bowsa, Squeegee, Marioxs, Leegee, Marreoh.
    • 2: Waweegee, Walleo, some fakegees like Greegee, some Fortrans, 4tren and 3gameecho. Daizeh and Paesh, too. Also some strong forms of Squeegee.
    • 3: Ragamiicho, Guiyii, some of the stronger Fakegees and Fakealleos.
    • 4: Some Fakegees in their stronger forms, Malleo and Fortran as well.
    • 5: Weegee himself. Also some of the weakest Weegee Gods, and some of the strongest Fakegees including Alphaweegee.
    • 6: Gelexeegee, Chroneegee, Aagee, Ultimate Malleo, Ultimate Weegee, very strong forms of Squeegee. Also NourGodly.
    • 7: Pureegee. Possibly even God Weegee, too.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Like Gay Luigi, Weegee likes spaghetti.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Angrygee and Angryalleo are angry all the time, but Angreegee and Angralleo are even worse.
  • Young Conqueror: According to the site, he's only thirty, yet he has a huge army of clones and is the king of the Weegeeverse.

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