[[http://www.ustream.tv Ustream]] is a streaming video site (not to be confused with Website/YouTube, though you can link to Youtube videos on there in your live broadcasts). It is best known for the [[CutenessProximity animal cams, including the PuppyCam]], and for being the official online outlet of CBS News, though it's becoming increasingly popular with musicians to broadcast live performances, studio practices, or video blogs.

!!This website provides examples of:

* AttentionWhore: It's a streaming video site. Of course it's going to have these. Possibly more than Website/YouTube does.
* CutenessProximity: Any cute animal you can think of will likely have a cam on Ustream, inspired by the now-finished Puppy Cam.
* EpicRocking: Often features live practices, club shows, and the occasional music festival like the Japanese rock festival Jack In The Box. Anyone watching at a certain time got to see Dead End, 44 magnum, Music/{{Loudness}}, Vamps, and more.
* HotPursuit: One of the main [[IncrediblyLamePun traffic drivers]] aside from music and cute animals are the high speed chases.
* {{UsefulNotes/Tornadoes}}: Another one of the main reasons people tune in aside from puppies, music, and high speed chases - tornado coverage, often [[InUniverseCamera from storm chasers themselves]] as well as from the local news stations etcetera.