Website / The World Of Mr Satanism

The World Of Mr. Satanism (also known simply as "Mr. Satanism") was a website based around the character of Mr. Satanism, who looks like South Park's version of The Grim Reaper and spends much of his time drinking beer, mooching off his "friends", ogling women (and unsuccessfully hitting on them), and laying on his ass. He has a series of comic books and strips about his escapades that ran from 1995 to 2000, that lampoon everything from eBay to the O.J. Simpson trial to politics.

Perhaps the largest part of the site is the "Video Picks for Perverts", which is a collection of movie reviews written in character as Mr. Satanism and aren't at all meant to be taken seriously. He tends to enjoy movies with as much gore, tits, ass and action as possible, and is annoyed by nearly everything else. There's also "Literary Picks for Perverts", which is pretty much the same thing for books.

Not to be confused with Mr. Satan.