Website / The Useless Web

Because some websites... we just couldn't do without.

This is a website created by Tim Holman that contains a link to several user submitted websites that have little to no practical use. A lot aren't even interactive at all.

Here is the link, where you can even submit useless sites you created.

This website (and those that it links to) contains examples of:

  • Bazaar of the Bizarre: One of their webpages is dedicated to linking you to weird or confusing items available for purchase on eBay and is designed and structured much like the main site.
  • Broken Record: All the this webpage does is to keep saying "OOOOIIII..." over and over again.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The Passive Aggressive Password Machine, which is one of the sites you might taken to if you click the link on the main page, requests that you input a password so it can test its security, however, instead of actually testing said password, it simply feeds you with a constant stream of Snarky insults. The site happily describes itself as this:
    "Imagine your in-laws are helping you with a password... this is what they'd say."
  • Just for Pun: They have a page entirely dedicated painting rubber ducks over a flashing colors background while making terrible "duck" puns.
  • Minimalism: If you're wondering why description of the site is so short and/or why it says that there is a link instead of several links to such a multitude of webpages, it's because the only things present in the site's front page is a text in big, fancy letters saying "Take me to a useless website [please]", the aforementined link, which comes in the form of big, pink button that says the aforementioned "please", a flat, white background, a space for a bottom ad, and a black bottom bar which is where you find the "submit" option and a link to Tim Holman's Twitter, it's also where page quote comes from.
  • Sensory Abuse: The "Staggering Beauty" webpage rewards you with this if you shake the waving wormy thingy vigorously enough. It's oddly addictive.
  • Shamu Fu: This site contains an interactive GIF of a person being hit in the face with an eel. It only plays if you click to the left and rewinds if you click to the right.
  • Shout-Out: This site only contains a Flash clip of the Hypnotoad from Futurama and a caption that says "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!"