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SBC, or "The SpongeBob Community", is a Web site started in August 2009. It was originally intended for banned members, but has grown ever since. Despite being mainly a SpongeBob-related site, it also has a media section.

SBC provides examples of:
  • Alternate Universe: The Parallel Universe in SBC Parallel Universe.
  • Anyone Can Die: The Killer Krab.
  • April Fools' Plot: When the site was "bought" by SpongeBuddy Mania on April 1, 2011. Some were convinced it was real.
  • Art Evolution: The overall theme and graphics have changed over the years.
  • Ascended Meme: Quite a few:
    • "FREEZE! I'M A COP"
    • "Wala Ka Bang Homework"
    • "cruse my keyboard"
  • Badass: Old Man Jenkins.
  • Big Bad: WhaleBlubber and ACS, in a way.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Rusty's Raping Rampage.
  • Canada, Eh?: User SOF is the epitome of this trope. Users Hassan, Patrickm and Wumbo too.
  • Catch Phrase: "The safe haven for SpongeBob fans and media fanatics." Needless to say, the site's quite different.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Some see SOF as this.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Wumbo.
    • Don't forget termi.
      • JCM's starting to be considered this, too.
  • Depraved Bisexual: User that70sguy92.
  • The Ditz: JCM in JC Movies
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: User tvfan, quite a bit.
  • Fan Fic: Spin-Offs and Literatures.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Dear god.
  • High School A.U.: SpongeBob Community School in JC Movies.
  • Jerkass: AC. Not only does he makes CGI videos of such tragedies as 9/11, but he's also a pretty big asshole, and leader of the self-proclaimed "Rebellion Against Cyberbullying" (despite doing the exact opposite) and he likes a really shitty cover of a Def Leppard song.
  • Large Ham: Justham
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Elastic Dog and jjsthekid. You wouldn't know it from reading Rusty's Raping Rampage, though.
  • Missing Episode: "Autism Rapes" from Rusty's Raping Rampage was banned due to an autistic child being raped. While it would have aired in the United States, the station complained that it could cause controversy. From then on, any future episodes involving autistic users had no mention of them being autistic. However, it aired in Russia once uncut with no problems. Bootleg dubs from the Russian airing can be viewed online or bought on such sites as eBay.
    • "SOFtcore" was recently banned (though unlike "Autism Rapes", it can be viewed on DVD) due to uncensored stimulated necrophilia, which proved too much.. Of course, it did air in the United States a few times though before its banning.
    • While it wasn't banned, "The Decade of Rapists" didn't air for a while. Why? ExKizuna was originally supposed to write it, but due to file problems, it was skipped over in the Season 1 run. It later did air though - but it was retooled by jjsthekid. The retooled version was first available on the Season 1 DVD as well. The original version may or may not be out there.
  • Nerves of Steel: User Steel Sponge.
  • Nostalgia Filter: Nostalgia Night 2011.
  • Put on a Bus: Happens frequently with users.
  • The Reveal: User tvguy347 revealing he was 13... then he revealed he was actually 11.
    • Also, that70sguy92 revealing that his whole life was a lie, and that he was actually 15, didn't have a wife named Sara, and didn't have any kids.
    • Xat user Cabbage revealing she was actually CDCB all along
  • Rule of Drama: The whole site as well as its chatroom.
  • Shrinking Violet: Users CF and CDCB are known to be this.
  • Talk Show: SOF's Talk Show. Also Fucked Up With Santa Dog. That didn't last very long, though.
  • Time To Move: When SBC moved from forumotion to vBulletin to phpBB to IPB.
  • The Rival: SpongeBuddy Mania (another SpongeBob fansite) is pretty much this.
  • Troll: WhaleBlubber is a shining example of this. A few think ACS is this. Most agree he's just that stupid, though.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Used a lot by Sponge Odd Fan, but also used by others.
  • Vague Age: Users SOF and tvguy347.
  • Wall of Text: Total Cartoon Island/Action. One user attempted to read through it, and reportedly got a headache afterward.
  • The Wiki Rule: The SBC Wiki: [1]
  • Wild Mass Guessing: There is an entire thread dedicated to this. It can be found in the "Games" sub-forum. There is now a Spin-Off one as well.
  • Writer's Block: Many Spin-Off/Literature writers have suffered this. Particularly tvguy347, with his show Down Under.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: User spongebobiscool, in most of the contests.

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