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Website: The Outskirts Battledome
aka: The Outskirts Battle Dome
Outskirts Battle Dome Wikia & Outskirts Battle Dome Wikia 2 is an online forum group dedicated to discussing and quantifying battles between fictional characters, currently hosted on Outskirts Battle Dome Forums & Outskirts Battle Dome Proboards The OBD is one of the websites most famed debating groups more bigger then lounge,comic+anime+giant bomb vice and other sites the original OBD is back under reconstruction by the original founder and which has claimed to have better the profiles then the wikispace and the false wiki at Naruto forums.

These Tropes Pertaining To The Site And Wiki ARE THE FINAL NUMBER:

  • Power scaling: Luckily the original founder banned such as there power scaling has nothing to due with debating which anyone can say anything for any character.
  • Wikia?: They finally picked to use Wikia which stated to be 10x better then wikispace.
  • Forums!: The forums are easily accessible by people with emails or such and gets a 10/10 for the boards and design.
  • Organization: The founder stated "I want the wikia to be organized then the wikispace which had to many errors and useless categories." (THANK GOD!)
  • Templates: The templates used for the site seems very easy to use if you are use to them.
  • Rules: Yup the rules are strict and much more better then ever. (If you remember the original wikispace rules.)
  • Time & Battle: It seems they have a lot of work getting all the profiles back but they do the battles first.
  • Categories: Founder said "We do profiles now in a selected view from characters and next to locations and etc." (He wants the site clean and easy.)
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alternative title(s): The Outskirts Battledome
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