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Website: The Duck
aka: Drunk Duck

The Duck Webcomics is a free webcomic hosting site. It was founded as in 2002 by Dylan Squires, who sold it to Platinum Studios in 2006, and was later acquired by Wowio in 2010, who changed the name to The Duck in 2011.


  • Alliterative Name
  • Back from the Dead: After a crash in 2005 that wiped out all data and backups. Another crash occurred in August 2013, which continued until October 11, 2013.
  • Black Box: The code for the servers is full of them, as the original programmer for them left. The current programmer that is trying to get the site back up is completely lost as he has no idea how most of it works.
  • Came Back Wrong: It's been plagued by errors since the crash.
  • Cross Over: Several of its comics are well-known for crossing over, so much that a strip of The KA Mics once lampshaded it by saying that the authors are starting to forget whose characters belong to who. Also contributes a great deal to major Crisis Crossover-type events in the webcomic world.
  • The Rival: Keenspot / Comic Genesis. Even broke out into full-on war on one occasion.

Following webcomics are published on the Duck:
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alternative title(s): Drunk Duck
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